fate and friends

There have been a lot of changes in my life over the past ten years. Some good changes and some not so. I mentioned in my last post that I had people who had supported me and who had been their for me in troubled times. Some of the friends that I have known for 25-30 years. They have been friends who I have a great connection with.

Some fly-by-night friends have come and gone they stuck around for a few months or even a hand full of years and when life strikes you a bad deal they ditch you. You will always know the people who love you who stick by you unconditionally. If you truly love someone you just cause life gets a little rough at times.

Emotional maturity and knowing which friends are right for you. It’s a thing that has taken a lot of experiences and heartache. You need to make sure you have friends who are not toxic or going to give up on you. I have learned that through bad times. Some people stop talking to you or just completely ignore you.

In 2010 I met a person who changed my life completely. I met him and we were from different parts of the world. If you ever put us together in a photo you would never consider that he would be a friend. Tall, good looks and amazingly¬†beautiful. Then there’s me that looks like a tramp version of a teletubby.

But we have discussed this that we always thought it was for a reason that we met. There is a connection I have with him that I cannot describe. I have never loved anyone like him before. He has had his fair share of shitty bits in his life and so have I. I cannot ever imagine my life without him.

Sometimes people are put in your lives for a reason.


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