Ricky Dillon

I had to write this post basically because the minute I started to type anything that resembled words on someone elses site I am immediately accused of things I am not.

I make it my policy not to argue with people on the internet as it’s entirely pointless. You’re shouted down before you can type the full stop on the keyboard

Yes the missing . is intential. I have had to explain statements or jokes. You can’t leave a little quip without being questioned or having to explain what something is funny.

I come to my subject of a YouTuber who hasn’t a clue who he wants to be or what he had done or how he actually wants to live his life. This guy isn’t 12 or even 18 he is a man of 24 years which means he’s allowed to shape the political sphere with his vote or mortgage a house and get married. He’s a grown up.

That’s where reality seems to end and fantasy seems to begin. He recently “came out” (good for him!) “as an asexual” (oh okay). Not something that I have had too much experience. So I will dig around a bit and see what comes up.

Asexuality according some definitions seems to be the lack of attraction to either sex. There is neither desire or want of physical need. A person will not seek out intamicy from another person. Nothing wrong with that I thought. There a millions of people around the world who are like this.

Then we come to Ricky Dillon. To me he is anathema. Someone who I think gives a bad name to the LGBT community. What he says in his videos is riddled with contradictions and sometimes outright lies. I find honesty, stability and articulatulation an attractive quality. Ricky doesn’t bring this to the table. His confusing ramblings seem to suggest a man who is unable to determine his life.

Someone’s sexuality is usually determined by the end of their teenage years. I know it can take some time to truly understand your sexual identity and people do have a life long struggle even to come to terms with it. Some don’t even fully accept who they are choosing instead to live a life trying to change who they are.

In my opinion he is confusing not only himself and giving out the wrong message  that gender identity is somehow fluid and come and goes like the tide. It doesn’t. You know if you are a puff or not, if you are then accept it.

Things that I like

When I was growing up I was always derided for listening to the wrong music or wearing the wrong clothes. If it wasn’t from Topman you were the odd one out. Looking like the guys from Miami Vice was essential. I was an oddity. I wore the jumpers that my mother had knitted for me and wore jeans that were purchased at the COOP. I didn’t have any spending power at that time.

I always wanted a real fire in my house and despite some making their views known, I have gone ahead and having it fitted next week. People telling what to do or how I should be living my life.

Being gay has me face up to the fact that other people might not accept the “lifestyle”. My day isn’t exactly filled with sex with multiple partners or hardcore drug abuse. In fact it’s probably dull compared to some heterosexual people.

I have said that if I like a song doesn’t matter who brought it out or who sang it. Just because it might be a little left-field and a bit uncool I really don’t care. Life is too short to be caring about whether the music I listen to finds approval in people.


Muslim Ban 2

Years ago when I started this blog I said that I would always speak out for those who are not fortunate enough to live in a country where democracy exists. I will challenge racist and homophobic attitudes where I see them. My opinion on these matters has not changed.

I am saddened that some feel that participating in demos against Mr Trump policies is somehow misguided or worse hypocritical. What is so wrong about wanting to make your voice heard for those people who are desperate to leave a country ravaged by war? Why is it so bad  show the compassion that any normal human being should show when people are on the brink of being killed?

Banning an entire country and their people from entering the USA on the basis that one of might be a terrorist is stupid, naive and dangerous. As I said in the previous post the actual facts point to the threat not from IS potentially travelling to the USA but the citizens already in it.

Critics of the protest have asked why didn’t you protest about other things that have happened in the world? Which is a ludicrous argument. I have protested, I have given to UNICEF and Save the Children but I choose not to publicise it and make a big deal. It is the same with problems in this country. Just because I don’t go on EVERY march or set up a petition for every wrong I see doesn’t mean I am not doing something to make my voice heard.

In the same way that if someone came to me with a problem or a need I would try my best to help. I do this because I want to and hold humanist values that everyone is equal. If that offends you in someway then I am sorry that you don’t see the world as I do.

Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

              Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5

Muslim ban

There were warning signs months ago of Trump’s intentions but most people thought he was all hot air and no substance. Time has proven differently and he has put into action the ban he said he was going to do.

As I was writing this post it was announced that Sir Mo Farah who lives in America firmly condemns in no certain terms the ban that Trump has put on Muslims travelling from certain countries. Just a shame that politicians aren’t as afraid to condemn the ban.

All the statistics and actual facts state that the threat to USA doesn’t come from those countries. Of those fatalities that have occurred nearly twelve thousand a year on average American’s were killed by their own citizens.

We can continue point to the evidence but this won’t appease Mr Trump. He is pandering to the republican vote and those who aren’t welcoming to others who are in need. It always surprise me that the people who are from the Bible Belt in America don’t condemn those who are selfish and ignorant. They are in the business of selling religion of prosperity and take from the poorest of people.

I have heard certain commentators says that protests against Trump’s policies won’t make a difference; I beg to differ. It’s protests like this that do change things. I have a democratic right to protest. I will always defend the weak and vulnerable. Stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.


C of E and LGBT

Reading the House of Bishops report on “Marriage and Same Sex Relationships”. I am saddened but not surprised in the slightest that the Church of England is not prepared to move its opinion of marriage equality and that marriage should only be between one man and one woman.

The documentary long-windedly talks about the process of prayer and the act of listening. Two actions that are both passive in their nature. The conclusions that the House of Bishops have given is that there is to be no change. Moral judgments about marriage and life.

The Church of England is in a metaphorical intensive care and the heart beat monitor clearly warns that the rhythm and strength is slowing and soon there will be a deafening flat line. There will be no one left to kick start it’s life and the church will be consigned to history.

The phrase that the report continually uses is that those who “experience same sex attraction” in a dismissive way that almost equates it with smelling a new fragrance or visiting a foreign country. LGBT community has ‘experienced’ great intolerance and hurt from centuries of abuse from preachers who have belittled and shamed those who know that they have grown up to be different. Struggling with their identity and sexuality. It’s bad enough to be confronted daily with homophobic language in the playground, it’s unacceptable that this is translated into Theological rhetoric in the pulpit.

I am glad I left the Church of England when I did. It restored my own identity and self-esteem knowing that I was accepted for who I was and whom I was attracted to. I never felt loved or anyone tried to ask how I had been treated in that time. I find it shameful that the church as a whole cannot move on.


2017 already 

It’s been a crazy year already and we’re not even at the end of January. We have seen marches across the globe as a counter-protest again the misogynistic attitudes that have been expressed by one world leader.

The fact that his teflon approach to so-called scandals doesn’t seem to bother him he brushes them off and dismisses their significance.

Then to move on to an attack on the press is simply unwise. The press and media hold a very powerful position and no person whatever their standing is immune to their scrutiny. It has been said even before he took the Oval Office that it would be better that he had the press on his side.

What can we do? Well I think the movement at the moment is for equality and human rights. There has been a swing to the alt-right a shifting of the sands towards the capitalist self-centred agenda. It’s the privilege of the white heterosexual male that has dominated for centuries and they have been making their voice known.

We have to make sure that we are speaking up for the disabled, the immigrant and those who have been marginalised in society for far too long.

If each person did one kind act each day we could make a difference. Something that might not be tangibly and explicitly seen but speaking out against those who which to divide society.

As a gay man I find it intolerable when I seen nations and countries reverse their equality laws trying to shove LGBT rights back into the closet. I, for one, I am not going back in there. It’s a lonely frightening place where your inner fears eat away at you and you become scared to be who you truly are as a human being. Love is love and despite the days being dark love will win.