It’s that time of the year when everything is a bit shit. It’s so long away now for us to remember that Christmas and New Year festivities even happened. Plus the combination of mind-numbingly tedious television mixed with awful weather results in us all feeling low and miserable.

It’s not even exciting weather where we can all get either snowed under or burnt to a crisp. Just the eternal feeling of thinking we have pissed ourselves as everything is damp and wet.

Majority of people who set out goals and resolutions would have failed them by now as the reason why I never make them. But I am thinking about changing stuff. You know when you were a kid and on a Sunday afternoon you were bored so you moved the furniture around to make it seem like you had a bedroom. It’s that sort of change.

I am trying to work out what. Do I trying to loose weight? Drink less? Do more walking and photography? Move the furniture around in my house?

Maybe I will give it a week or so and mull it over. Then by the time I have for round to remembering that I was going to change the better weather will be here and I will be less frustrated with life.

Oh it’s a bit crap isn’t it?


So as predicted in the news there is a massive storm that is going to hit the UK on Monday. This has been mention on news channels, social networking and various other media outlets.

“Fail to prepare; prepare to fail”

I wonder how many stories we will get about those who have been stuck in cars or affected in some way by this storm when following the simple advice given has been ignored?

Like time and time again when severe weather hits a nation we complain and moan about everything has come to a standstill and we are held up by accidents and breakdowns on our roads.

So if you do venture out on Monday. Here are a few tips to ensure you have a hassle-free journey.

1. Check your car tomorrow (Sunday) not Monday morning. Check washer fluid. Make sure all the lights are working correctly. Make sure your car has enough petrol and oil.

2. Place a warm coat in your car. If you have a mobile make sure it’s fully charged on Sunday evening.

3. Leave the house 10/15 minutes early. If you arrive at your destination a bit earlier than you normally do it’s a positive thing anyway.

4. Listen to traffic news before you go. Tune your radio into a local station. They will provide updates.

5. Don’t use your mobile while driving and slow down if there are high winds.

6. Secure loose objects in the garden. Make sure shed doors and greenhouse windows are closed. The same goes for your house.

These are a few simple tips. It’s not an exhaustive list. If have your own tips leave them in the comments below.

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