My garden June 2015

It may look romantic but it’s a mess. For most reasons people know I haven’t been able to spend quality time in my garden. In fact anytime in my garden. So grass has grown tall and the brambles have taken over the pond and the shed. Plus the ivy that once was a single strand that my mother gave me makes the day of the triffids seem like topiary.

I have been doing some research and checking out local garden centres and nurseries the quality and price vary quite a lot.

I have started strimming and tidying. I am trying to keep my neighbours happy though. Two doors along the new neighbour is ripping his house apart to the diggers and heavy machinery start at 9am and it would be unfair of me to make noise at any other time. Usually this street is very quiet. Nothing but the birds singing and the sound of the ball hitting the cricket bat.

the barefoot tree

Still grumpy

Gari Wellingham

UK-based musical theatre geek previously living with a brain tumour!