The more and more I thought about Jeremy Corbyn’s idea (contender for the leader of the Labour Party) of “women only carriages” on trains and probably other transport the more it made me mad.

Have we really gone back in time where men cannot behaved themselves on public transport that there needs to be some sort of segregation between the sexes?

Who the hell do people thing they are if they think they have a right to haress another human being without provocation?   Particularly if they are only their own and its late a night?

Are these the groups that demand that we should have straight prides matches or complain that it’s a national women’s day? This very subject is the reason why we recognise the struggles that woman have gone through to be recognised and treated with the dignity that they deserve.

Constantly I hear people thinking that it’s fine and acceptable to use the word “birds” or “chick” or even worse when you switch on TV on hear the revolting mysognistic use of women music videos by rappers who thing called them bitch or whore is just part of their culture.

Just look at how they have hundreds of women beside them in their music just try and prop up their pathetic masculinity.

The first rule in life for a guy is the woman should be respected. She IS equal to the man although she is different. She does do difference things had has a different way of working things out. But that doesn’t mean is a less of a human being or stupid.

Reinforced stereotypes of women and the classification of their sex in some religion’s haven’t done thing to help or redress this. That doesn’t mean anyone can dress the way they want but it also doesn’t mean just because someone dresses in that way a women is automatically “up for it”.

If the fathers spent more time encouraging their sons to respect women and not reward them for scoring or getting to second base maybe just maybe we might be able to change things.

Women aren’t objects and they are allow to choose to what happens to their body. The heterosexual male firstly should learn.

Ched Evans

No relation but I am confused by the whole situation. It seems a moral dilemma. Should you allow someone who has a conviction for raping someone back into football? There certainly has been some strong opposition from all quarters. Voices seem firm that he shouldn’t be allowed to return. But what then do you do? Where ever he chooses to go the media will scrutinise his every move and they will make comment if he seems to be moving in a direction they don’t like.

What then do we do with person who has done their time and released? The key seems to some people that he hasn’t recognised his guilt and apologised to those he has wronged. This is the purpose of prison and rehabilitation.

Personally I think he should be allowed to return and use his position to educate men that women aren’t simply a sexual object. We still have a long way to go to leave the days of the past where women are still referred to as “birds” or a “decent piece of stuff”.

Education and respect are the principle elements in this case. For the sake of those victims who have gone on before and if we are to move forward to a decent society.


I am not an animal rights activist. I don’t hold an special affiliation to any clubs or societies. I am not a vegetarian either. What I do believe is that animals should have rights. The way they are bred and raised is an important aspect of this. I certainly would advocate that the life that the animal has should be stress free and from harm as it is reared. After all this animal is giving it’s life for your benefit.

I am sick and tired of hearing people who will refuse to acknowledge the methods in which animals are raised for our table. They would rather that it was packaged without any nasty bones in plain white wrapping so not to be reminded that what they are eating was actually a living thing.

It is a decent and civilised society that has systems in place to protect animals rights. Not merely treated as an inanimate object devoid of the ability to feel pain and distress.

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona to me is a example of how stupid human beings can be. Making scared animals run along enclosed streets chased by hundred of men seems to them some sort of novelty and even a supposed “religious rite”. This may have been the case decades ago but this occasion is nothing more that animal cruelty at it’s worst. If the animals were fluffy rabbits or cuddly kittens there would be an uproar. The image of the fierce bull ready to defend itself somehow negates our disgust and outrage. It seems as test of mans willingness to face such danger and therefore should be commended that they could face such a fierce opponent.

These men seek the adrenaline rush of the chase. I would suggest if this the case the men be chased by wild animals into some dark wooded area where they too can feel panic and anxiety.

The men get what they deserve. Serious injury or worse they cannot blame anyone else

Good Friday

I have had an interesting day. I decided that I would have a look down at the service in the market place. This is a christian service of witness which takes place each year on good friday. It is begins with a  walk through the main shopping street and ends in the market place. I used to take part in this which I was a church goer a number of years ago. My abiding memory is getting told off by someone for talking while we set off on the walk.


The service end but I had something else planned for the afternoon. Most people know that my education is in religion and I have followed an organisation for a number of years called Hope not Hate. This was set up to counter the extremist groups such as the BNP and others and to educate those about their BNP racist agenda.

During my year in Oxford training to be a teacher I visited various places of worship including two of the main mosques in Birmingham. I have always be interested in religion and thought it was about time I spoke to some muslims about their views of various racist groups and their outlook on the continuing attacks on Islam.

I set up a meeting with someone from the Islamic Diversity Centre in Newcastle and spent time discuss my concerns and getting their perspective on life. It was certainly an interesting discussion. It was good to hear that their work is to break down the various misconceptions about Islam. They regularly speak to various groups in the north east and part of their outreach is to provide services for the homeless and elderly; something even I wasn’t familiar with.


I was given a small gift which contained various literature about Islam. I hope that I will be able to learn more and get to know a few of the muslim population here in the north east. I attend to visit a mosque and hopefully gain more understanding of this religion.

Elephant in the room

People are terrified of being label racists if the say that one part of any community has a problem. This has pervaded more so in the recent grooming cases where men of Asian decent had been involved in the grooming of white girls.

Reading the news over the past day it still seems strange how some cannot believe and deny that there is a problem within the black Afro-carribean community of gun and knife violence. Operation Trident was set up to tackle these crimes in 1998 solely addressing these issues.

I am not saying that all black people are involved in gun crime as that plainly is a racist suggestion as you are saying ALL the community are involved. That’s simply not true. I spent three years in an Afro-Caribbean college and got to know many people. There was no even a mention of it then.

Gross generalisations have whittled our ability to distinguish that which is reality and that which is truth. Ridiculous conspiracy theories that all police are “trigger happy” and willing and ready to shot anyone who get in their way.

Yes there have been inexcusable prejudices and problems in the past. You only have to look at the disaster of the various initial Hillsborough enquiries to know that transparency hasn’t been forthcoming.

Society must move on from such tragedies and learn from the past. There is no point in taking with you your own baggage and hoping that it fits the future as it won’t.

Let’s look to the future that evidence and proof need to be examined and what ever the outcome people have to accept and move on.

Benefits Street

Well it didn’t take us too long to forget good-will to all men and peace on earth. If you haven’t seen “Benefit Street” it is an eye-opener.

The responses to this programme has been in my opinion staggering. From those who have called for the “gassing” of those who appeared to blaming the programme on Tory propaganda.

As a human being I was saddened by the programme because I am fully aware that people live like this. It isn’t something that has happened in the past decade. It’s a spiral of neglect, abuse and addiction. I taught in a school that was an area of low economic wealth. People did have a sense of community. But there were always going to be ones to played the system and you as well I know that you don’t have to be poor to take advantages of monetary handouts.

There has certainly been a lack of compassion from people who I have read commenting on various forms of social media. Instead of condemning those who have appeared so far in the programme why hasn’t someone commented on what the solution might in fact be? It’s certainly not about giving more money to either those who have or have not.

Encouraging education. Increased help for those with addictions and mental health issues. Helping those who live in these areas take pride in where they live. This is a start. I am know that there are a lot of people out there who work day in and day out with people with such problems.

Merely dismissing the people in the street as scum or blaming it on some sort of Tory propaganda exercise is ludicrous.

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