Poppy in the morning sun




As I am listening to parliament debating the situation in Syria. I am open person always ready to listen to both sides of the argument. I saw people from “Stop the War” coalition on the news protesting against any potential action against the Assad regime. I had a look on their website to see what their view point was. I am a bit concerned that all they seem to say is “don’t do it”. To me that isn’t a solution to the worsening situation.

To say to another country “what you are doing to your people is wrong please stop” isn’t a solution either. Our proportions always seem to be wrong in this country. We call for the death penalty to be reintroduced when a single person is tragically murdered but if we hear that thousand have been killed is a mass killing we say that we should negotiate with that country to almost metaphorically give them a telling off.

I have never been a violent person. But if I saw another person attacking someone else I wouldn’t stand by at let it happy. Or politely tell them to stop.


I am no expert. I am not a vet or a farmer. I don’t know all the facts about the badger cull. But what I do believe is that it is necessary to get TB under control. Thousand of cattle have to be slaughtered each year as they have been infected by bovine TB. If the animals were rats that had to be culled would people be up in arms about it? The badger population is out of control and disease ridden since the became protected species over twenty years ago. We don’t seem to be too bothered about the animals that have to be culled that have been infected by badgers.

I know a lot of people won’t agree with my opinion but I have one and I am entitled to it. We have become too sensitised to the plight of animals that are bred for human consumption. When we know that cute furry animals are to be killed we protest. Shame that people cannot be mad about animals that have been harmed due to cruelty or neglect. 

Christmas cards


I thought it would be a good idea to have some old Christmas cards around the house when decorating in December. I bought these cheaply from eBay and it’s better than buying new expensive decorations.

A new start

I have been really pissed off with the previous site that I had this blog on. I started the site on new years eve 2005 and I thought I would be using the site until I decided I would end blogging or any other way that might have ended it. But over the past few months I have realised that blogger.com wasn’t going anywhere.

There have probably been one or two real updates to the site in eight years. Apart from the odd site that you may or may not use their aren’t many out there that can survive in this fast moving digital environment. As we know that if a product or a company doesn’t show the willing to refresh and update it brand it is the death knoll for it.

So I have decided to move fredspoon.com over the wordpress. I am impressed so far but I am sure there will be limitations and frustrations like having to pay if you want a really impressive site.

So I am here and I hope those people who have bothered to read the blog over the years have updated their links or however you view this site.