Most people who know me know that I love the “Carry on” films. Obsessed by the acquisition of sex leading to various double entendres. In an era when you really weren’t supposed to talk about sex it was a jokey subject that was supposed to titillate.

In the lead up to World AIDS Day there has a been a week of highlighting the need to be tested for HIV. If you are in a high risk group you should get tested regularly if you are having different partners. We have to talk about it and be open with others about the need to take seriously our sexual health.

I will say “our” as I have been tested twice as I felt it was important to know my own status. Burying your head in the sand doesn’t mean it will go away. If you feel you are mature enough to have sex in the first place that you should be to take your sexual health seriously.

The one of the last things I ever said to my year group before they all left school was remember sex isn’t love. Too many people think that just because someone is willing to sleep with you it automatically means that they love you. Yes sex is great but it is also has a powerful emotional side to it. Enjoyed better usually in a long term monogamous relationship.

So in the run up to World AIDS Day. Think, do I need to know my HIV status and could it possibly have changed in the past year?



Ninety-nine percent of the content that is uploaded on to YouTube is utter garbage. People trying to make videos or be funny. Some have got “youtube famous” and sold out to companies who use them as advertisers. Two people who I think are amazing are below. First is sixteen year old Bertie Gilbert who is more mature that most thirty year olds. He is a talented film maker. The second is Sheridon Hackland. A youtuber who finds time to make videos which actually have content rather than banal time-wasting challenges or dares.


There are times in our life when we have to take stock. To have to sit back and look at things that we have done. Having a break is important for all of us.

It was a decision I made a few days ago. I decided to spend some time on Holy Island (Lindisfarne) just off the Northumberland coast. A small beautiful island cut off by the tide twice a day. I have been there many times including once in preparation for my teaching certificate where I was researching the life of St Cuthbert for planning lessons in Religious Education. It is amazing place. Anyone has been will tell you that the landscape and views of the surrounding coast is second to none.


“I do”

The idea of marriage equality certainly has been a contentious one. None more seems to divide people. The idea of people of the same sex seems to some as being immoral and quite oddly against nature.

I have been on twitter for a number of years and take the full opportunity of actually talking to people. People who I have never met. This has led to getting to know people who I would certainly consider as good friends. One of the people I spoke to was David W. Ross. It was only after a while I realised who he was. He was one of the members of 90’s boyband ‘Bad Boys Inc’. I had a crush on two of them at the time. I am not telling you which two.

It was after some time that he said he was releasing a film called ‘I do’. A film which tackles the subject of marriage equality in USA and the certain rights that come with this.

I read the critics. I read IMDB review of the film and what people thought about it. One of the things I have learned over the years is never take other people’s review of films unless you have seen the film yourself.

This was particularly apt to this film. Critics had said there were parts of the film that seems ‘slightly unbelievable’. This is an independent film. It was funded by Ross himself who raised money via various websites. It doesn’t have the huge financial backing like the Hollywood blockbusters. It’s a great film about a subject which is certainly emotive for a lot of people. He should be commended for doing so.

Yes there are continuity errors. Yes the script isn’t totally outstanding but the subject addressed in a sensitive manner. I hope more people like David W. Ross will be producing these films so those who are in the minority can enjoy and be proud.