Church and women

“What an absolute and unequivocal disgrace. The Church of England has become nothing more than the play-thing of government – championing government policies rather than the Gospel it claims to profess.” Writes “StartingTheParty” in today’s Times.

What an odd person this is who is commenting on the ordination of women to the episcopate. Look at the congregations they are made up of mostly woman. Look at the people who run the every day things such an cleaning, cooking, volunteering, church preparation and pastoral support. Women.

The Bible was written by men in and totally different era, culture and country. These people who do not feel they can be governed by the authority of a women contribute to the very misogyny and mistreatment of woman every day across the world. Women are equal as human beings to men. This is a simple but fundemental premise of a civilised and developed nation. The moment when you sub-categorised human beings you devalue them.

Life is sacred and humans are the pinnacle of living creatures. Only those who try to put themselves first will eventually become last.

Too much

So much is bandied about these days about people who say that they suffer from depression and anxiety. It almost seems inevitable that a well known celebrity will tearfully admit after an indiscretion has been unearthed that they blame it on their depression in a time when they said were to be “at their lowest”.

I have heard many ‘youtubers’ openly admit that when they were going through their teenage years they suffered from depression or self-harm in one for or another. Somehow that depression is miraculously cured and life to them is nothing but a rose garden.

I have the utmost respect for Stephen Fry who is open about his mental health issues. He seems to carry a mantel of hope and yet utter realism when it comes to coping with this disease.

At the moment I couldn’t care less if I lived or died. Some people haven’t the ability to comprehend the enormity and seriousness of the disease. Some see it just as an excuse to either whinge or be negative. All I ask is support. Someone wouldn’t openly criticise if another had been suffering from cancer or another serious disease.


I am not an animal rights activist. I don’t hold an special affiliation to any clubs or societies. I am not a vegetarian either. What I do believe is that animals should have rights. The way they are bred and raised is an important aspect of this. I certainly would advocate that the life that the animal has should be stress free and from harm as it is reared. After all this animal is giving it’s life for your benefit.

I am sick and tired of hearing people who will refuse to acknowledge the methods in which animals are raised for our table. They would rather that it was packaged without any nasty bones in plain white wrapping so not to be reminded that what they are eating was actually a living thing.

It is a decent and civilised society that has systems in place to protect animals rights. Not merely treated as an inanimate object devoid of the ability to feel pain and distress.

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona to me is a example of how stupid human beings can be. Making scared animals run along enclosed streets chased by hundred of men seems to them some sort of novelty and even a supposed “religious rite”. This may have been the case decades ago but this occasion is nothing more that animal cruelty at it’s worst. If the animals were fluffy rabbits or cuddly kittens there would be an uproar. The image of the fierce bull ready to defend itself somehow negates our disgust and outrage. It seems as test of mans willingness to face such danger and therefore should be commended that they could face such a fierce opponent.

These men seek the adrenaline rush of the chase. I would suggest if this the case the men be chased by wild animals into some dark wooded area where they too can feel panic and anxiety.

The men get what they deserve. Serious injury or worse they cannot blame anyone else

Rolf et al

Everyone has an opinion on these cases. None more so on Rolf. I am still trying to get my head around it. Someone who has been in front of you as a prominent entertainer throughout your childhood isn’t the person who you thought they were.

The thought of the person who is be be feared was always the stranger in the park. The one who is unknown to us. Never could I have imagined that it would have been the kindly avuncular character I used to watch for twenty minutes before the news.

Expectations and outcomes they always seem to surprise us and catch us off-guard. But the test of a character is how we react to these changes. I couldn’t imagine myself screaming and banging on the side of a security van, a scene we often see when high profile cases are reported. I do expect those who have committed offences to be punished in the correct manner.

I used to teach a pupil who has appeared in court charged with causing the death of three people by dangerous driving. My reaction to this is utter revulsion for his crime but sympathy for those families and friends who have been affected by this persons actions.

The courts are there to do a job. It is a stark reminder of the world we live in. Making sense of this world to me seems to be more complex as time goes on.


Any day that’s given to a special occasion can be difficult for some people for a number of reasons. It evokes strong, powerful emotions and memories. Bringing up the past and almost making us relive it all once again.

Fathers day is just one of those days. We are reminded of our relationships with our own fathers and our childhood. This time for is an odd thing. My father passed away twenty years ago from an asthma attack. It was traumatic witnessing someone who seemed to be on the whole relatively healthy one day, and then next you are trying to resuscitate him on the kitchen floor.

Time is a great healer. It wasn’t good at all in the beginning, but I had some great friends who were patient and understanding. So I don’t get upset now, when I think about the time when he passed, but I remember the things that he liked and take good memories with me. Each year on occasions like fathers day I listen to two songs that were his favourite.

The first one is by Andrew Lloyd-Webber taken from a requiem he wrote for when his father died. The second is from album I used to play all the time as a teenager.


Time it seems to struggle when passing through my day,

The long hours I wait wondering,

Heaven is for someone else; a mystery to me.

He was given and stolen a breath of life,

The door is waiting to be moved.