Old Photo 2

I really love this photo. The way the flower seems so sad and washed out.



Old photos

I love looking through old photos. I have always had a use of a camera since I was a teenage. It all stemmed from the fact that my parents hardly ever took photos of us as a family. In eighteen years I have only one photo from a birthday party. I don’t think it was even mine.



BL - gothicism at its best on your own again


The more and more I thought about Jeremy Corbyn’s idea (contender for the leader of the Labour Party) of “women only carriages” on trains and probably other transport the more it made me mad.

Have we really gone back in time where men cannot behaved themselves on public transport that there needs to be some sort of segregation between the sexes?

Who the hell do people thing they are if they think they have a right to haress another human being without provocation?   Particularly if they are only their own and its late a night?

Are these the groups that demand that we should have straight prides matches or complain that it’s a national women’s day? This very subject is the reason why we recognise the struggles that woman have gone through to be recognised and treated with the dignity that they deserve.

Constantly I hear people thinking that it’s fine and acceptable to use the word “birds” or “chick” or even worse when you switch on TV on hear the revolting mysognistic use of women music videos by rappers who thing called them bitch or whore is just part of their culture.

Just look at how they have hundreds of women beside them in their music just try and prop up their pathetic masculinity.

The first rule in life for a guy is the woman should be respected. She IS equal to the man although she is different. She does do difference things had has a different way of working things out. But that doesn’t mean is a less of a human being or stupid.

Reinforced stereotypes of women and the classification of their sex in some religion’s haven’t done thing to help or redress this. That doesn’t mean anyone can dress the way they want but it also doesn’t mean just because someone dresses in that way a women is automatically “up for it”.

If the fathers spent more time encouraging their sons to respect women and not reward them for scoring or getting to second base maybe just maybe we might be able to change things.

Women aren’t objects and they are allow to choose to what happens to their body. The heterosexual male firstly should learn.

Sanctuary 2


In November 2013 I went up to Holy Island and mentioned it in a small blog post. It has been difficult to try and get some peace at the moment. I am living next to a house that’s having an extension. This has included regular use of a circular saw through concrete. The irony of the day was that I passed two properties on the island having similar work done and the workmen using that dreaded saw.

Last week I had to sit on Waldridge Fell for nearly two hours just to try and stop the terrible headache I had because of the work that has been done. Looking for peace and quiet has been really difficult. The summer holidays aren’t the quietest of times.

So I will go back in the autumn or spring months and try and get some sort of sanctuary from noise and myself.