Seriously another gun shooting? Another mass killing. The only school shooting that I can remember was the one that happened in the the village of Dunblane. I was teaching at the time and the pupils had loads of questions and some of them were shocked and understandably worried about their safety. I explained that if anyone had tried to come into harm them then I would always put myself in the way as a teacher you have a responsibility to protect those in your care.

I am glad I do live in a country where gun crime is a rare occurrence. We certainly I have stricter guns laws for those who can and can’t access firearms legally. I know of a family who were also devastated by this in the county where I live. I used to teach some of them and it shocked me terribly when I found out.

I still think that talking about mental illnesses and discussing things that are troubling you in life will help. A lot of the stories we hear coming from America are committed by those who have harboured grudges or have had pent up emotion about something that has affected them sometime during their life.

Campaigning for funding for mental illness is so important. If people can get the right treatment at the time it’s going to save a lot of heartache and pain for those left behind. I am not saying all of these crimes are committed by the mentally ill and all the mentally ill aren’t violent people.




If I take my life back to when I really started to love music I must have about about 11 or 12. I had been given the cassette of the Kids from Fame album for a christmas present and I remember listening to it with great pleasure over the years.



These two albums I discovered in the 80s. I cannot really remember what got me into Paul McCartney. I wasn’t really a fan of the Beatles back then. In fact as I am writing this I am listening to the music and I just cannot remember why or how I became a fan.


The internet is an amazing invention. At the touch of a button you can be transported into a virtual world or find out about something you never knew etc. I love looking at past photos or photos that people have taken while they have been holiday. The internet can help us connect with old friends and perhaps keep an eye on those we really don’t like.

Today I have been reading posts from a group which celebrates my home town. Chester-le-Street has been the place I have lived for a long time having moved her as a child in the mid-seventies. I do love the town and I have said before it has it’s faults like all places. It also has good points and that’s why I like living here. It was just sad to read that there had to be people who were arguing over the internet about how the group was run.

I make it my own personal policy that I do not argue over the internet. I talk to people and discuss things. That’s the limit. I am not into slagging matches of any kind. I hate people who troll others such as those who target celebrities and send ridiculous yet serious ‘death threats’ to those people they have a disagreement.

In a previous post I mentioned that the internet can be a dreadful place and it can. When you see the way that some people treat each other it becomes at times criminal.

Anxious times

I did write a small blog on social anxiety. I have been having conversations with people about anxious times. Anxiety is a normal reaction to something we perceive is a danger. It’s not a bad thing and we all have this built into our psyche. But when the anxiety becomes a problem and causes us harm that’s when it doesn’t help.

Over the past few years I hate mornings. The minute I wake I am anxious. I don’t know what the day is going entail. I used to HATE and I mean HATE when the postman called and items where passed through the letter box. Even when I was at someone else’s house and the letter box went I still became anxious thinking that some bad new would come through their doors as well.

Even making short journeys to pick up milk sometimes can leave me worse. I never ever used to be like this. The last time I mentioned this to the doctor he said ‘I’m going to give you something for the next couple of days … but I don’t want you coming back asking for another prescription.’ This now makes me reluctant to speak to the doctor. I am not going to put myself in a position where I am going to make things worse.

Even over the couple of days of writing this blog I have felt that my anxiety has got worse. Not because of the writing about it I hastened to add. I have looked back over the past few days and I try to find trigger points. I know that asking for something from someone that they do something is a big thing. I don’t want to ‘put people out or inconvenience them’. Even though I know that most people will be more than willing to help.



I have been amazed at the response of people towards the migrant crisis taking place across Europe. Interesting to see how some have responded with practical things like tents and sleeping bags for the those affected. As a nation I ask myself why are so many desperate to come to Europe and some to Britain.

I think that there is a simple answer. We are a good country. We aren’t a perfect one by all means and which one is? You are always going to get elements of society that make is bad for others and the authorities need the time and the resources to deal with such a thing.

During the Second World War lots of countries took people who were fleeing the war torn and occupied countries. It was seen as a duty to welcome those who had been forced to flee and had been driven from their own homes.

Sadly there are some who hold up the racist card. Hiding behind certain groups that say we shouldn’t be letting anyone into our country. It would be a security risk to do so. What these people don’t realise is the people who are intent on disrupting peace and bring terror to our nation don’t need a reason to come to our shores because they are most likely to be radicalised already in our country.

Certainly as a Humanist I firmly believe that there should be first and foremost compassion shown to those who are in need. Regardless of religion or belief the humane and decent response to the crisis is help those who have fled their country. There should be no discrimination of those of a certain religion by picking and choosing those people who we help.

an Apple a day

In a couple of days time Apple will announced an update to it’s flagship iPhone. Hopefully we will see some radical changes, obviously not too many aesthetic ones as last year the physical changed to the iPhone were certainly apparent. Certainly there needs to be an upgrade of the camera, processor and the screen. Whether or not it will be able to get anywhere to rival Samsung’s phone is a another story.

I haven’t strayed from Apple products for six years. I have the same mac book pro I bought over four years ago and I can say it has worked seamlessly without to my problems throughout those years. Like most people when I spend money on somethings I expect the product to last for than a few months. With gratitude the people at Apple have always either repaired or replaced any malfunctioning iPhone without any argument once the problem was pointed to a manufacturing problem not me dropping the phone down the toilet.

Most Haunted

I have been a fan of the show for some time. A look to see if there is anything beyond the everyday occasions that some may consider the paranormal. I challenged myself to something like this if the opportunity ever arose. About six months it was advertised that they would be coming to Newcastle to explore the old Castle Keep which I had seen before on the show.

The first thing I noticed about Newcastle on a Saturday night was that there was no where to park. It seemed that everyone had seemed to come out to the city centre. I managed to drive through some new bus lanes that I didn’t know about and got completely confused with the new road system. I thought I knew Newcastle pretty well. I was wrong. That with the mix of crazy drunk people walking out in front of your car.

Most Haunted Logo

I was greeted by a big team of people who work for Most Haunted Experience which impressed me. I was on my own but I didn’t feel like I was. The one thing about these sort of things that make them better than others is the way in which they treat their guests. I thought they way they made sure you were okay and took time to talk to you.

We had a time firstly to talk to Karl and Stuart from the programme and put to them questions we might have about the night. This wasn’t a formal thing we got time to talk to them one to one. Something I found extremely good. I thought it perhaps it was one of those things that they might come to for the first hour and then leave. They stayed with us all through to the end and were part of the investigations.

Firstly we went into part of the castle and used a electromagnetic meter which detects changes in any electro-field. It was after this that I asked Karl Beatty how the device worked and if it could have been affected by anyone’s mobile or torch. It’s certainly didn’t respond to voice activation. The device did register some sort of movement and then nothing after we moved on.

We were invited to take part in other ways which we could encourage any paranormal activity top take place. I decided that I would observe. I couldn’t conclusively say that I saw anything or even felt anything that couldn’t be explained apart from what I would call parlour games.

The one thing that I had always wanted to do is spend time on my own and see if I could experience anything. I see those who are on television who seem to run away in the first minute if they start to get scared. I am happily to report that I spent away from others and in a place that was extremely dark and solitary. I didn’t feel scared and I didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary that couldn’t be explained as outside influences. I wouldn’t have like to stay in the castle on my own but that it out of fear and nothing of the paranormal.

The night ended and I went home extremely tired. I thought I would give it a try and I did.