Chester-le-Street in the snow



It seems incredible that in a country that has advanced warnings and so much technology that people lose their lives in extreme weather. 

When you are younger you feel invincible. The whole world is in front of you and you aren’t quite aware yet of what dangers do lie ahead. We were as kids told not to talk to strangers or made sure that you used the green cross code when were attempting to cross a busy road.

I cannot tell you how many times my mother ask me where my jumper was and why wasn’t I wearing my coat. Even into my thirties she still nagged. But that’s what separates children from adults as the adults are fully aware of the dangers that lurk. Or you would have thought.

The first red weather warning was given to residents in Scotland. This weather warning means ‘damage, widespread disruption and/or danger to life.’ This isn’t a nasty thunderstorm or a wind may blow over your wheelie-bin. This a serious warning.

If someone said to you ‘You know if you go into this area there is a serious danger to your life’. You wouldn’t say to yourself ‘I will take the chance … I’ll be okay’.

When did we lose the ability to chose rationally in these situations?

I run a local facebook site about general events in my town. This week because of the extreme weather I had a look at the roads and conditions near to my house. Most of the roads in and out of the town at peak times of 5pm would have been very busy and I guess there was about 10% of the normal traffic on the roads. People had listened to the warnings and made journeys that were only absolutely necessary.

nice face/body vs personality

I was shopping once with my mother and I was tired of wading slowly around the aisles aimlessly staring at random objects. I asked her if she was searching for anything in particular and she replied: “Nothing really, I just like looking at things …”. 

I like ‘looking at things’ in particular when visiting London or go abroad to a foreign country and admire the wonders and beauties of nature. Okay. Men! I like looking at men! There I have said it ‘la confession est fini.’

“How you live your life is your business, just remember, our hearts and our bodies are given to us only once and before you know it, your heart’s worn out and as far as your body there comes a point when no one looks at, much less, wants to come near it.”

Part of the final monologue in the amazing film Call me by your name compiles all we seem to feel about love and life. We are desperate to live it so quickly that we realise our body’s and hearts can only give a certain amount.

We are looking for Mr Darcy and Mr Right when we only find Mr Cheating-Twat and Mr Couldn’t-Give-Shit.


I adore looking at beautiful men. There something about that stimulates my Christmas presents in a way I cannot describe. The attraction part of my brain and baubles downstairs are moved.

What we want and desire isn’t necessarily right for us and we are hurt by it. Blaming ourselves for failures that are none of our own fabrication. Beating ourselves up when we realise the person we once trusted and cared for turns out to be a living breathing nightmare.

The body and face might certainly connect but that soon fades and what we are lived with is what we have chosen.

Call me by your name – film review

Intelligent, witty, charming and beautiful. Enough about me.

There are lots of adjectives I could use to describe this film and I am not sure I am going to be able to put them in the right order or get an accurate description. My lack of writing ability has been called into question many times and I certainly cannot explain how much adore this film.

Set in the summer if 1983 in northern Italy. We are reminded of what summers were like a time of relaxing and finding yourself. I remember that summer too and was in love. Unlike the protagonist, in the film, I was a few years younger than 17 but certainly was experiencing the flushes of a first love.


I adore it because of how Elio’s parents leave him to be who he is. Free to listen and play his music and enjoy the summer without rules and restrictions. Although he claims that his mother worries too much. Their love of life shines through and it is certainly needed when I face the cold winds of snow and arctic blasts soon to behest the northeast of England.

See the film. Weep laugh and cry. It’s how I spent most of my summers.

Visit my Mosque

Over 200 Mosques across the UK opened their doors on the 18th February 2018. The theme this year was Open Doors, Open Mosques, Open Communities

I certainly felt a warm welcome, not only from the people at the desk signing you in but from all people who were involved in the open day. People were willing to answer questions you had about the everyday running of the Mosque to the plans for the future of the building.

The whole area is currently undergoing a huge building project where the Mosque – which looks unlike any other I have seen – will be built. It will certainly be a fitting sight and with a modern appearance be an asset to those living in the west end of Newcastle.


I had the privilege to see the plans for the new mosque it’s to be one of the greenest and ecologically sound constructions built in modern Newcastle. Its general theme seems to coincide with nature and inspires people to connect with the rich resources that the earth provides.


I spent some time talking to some of the women of Mosque about their appearance and dress and how it was important to their own religious belief. There are a lot of misconceptions and general ignorance when it comes to how women in Islam present themselves.


My view is where do you get your information from regarding Islam? Do you read the headlines that demean and misinform? Or do you go to the people who live, breathe and work for the religion?

I wouldn’t rely on the Beano to inform me of the British way of life. I wouldn’t ask right-wing groups on their opinion of Islam and other religions. I would ask the people who represent it.


As I said to the people in the Mosque religious education in the UK has been abysmal for decades. Once people were schooled in religion and the knowledge of Christianity. Even that seems to be pitiful and lacking in certain parts of the education system. Always maligned and ridiculed as unnecessary for future life beyond the walls of school. I think its probably one of the most important subjects, especially for these times where lies have been planted into people.

Parkland – Florida​

A town which remained unremarkable in history until this week. Things changed dramatically for it residents and it would never be the same again. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 14.56.02

Sometimes you draw a breath and you are stunned about how much a country and its people can take without inaction. The fact that news agencies are arguing over what has been classed as a school shooting is a testament to the fact that these incidents are happening far too often.

Seventeen people are dead at the hands of a teenager with a gun. If you ever experience a fraction of the hurt that this causes someone surely a person with a rational mind says ‘enough is enough’ and this cannot be allowed to continue.

It’s no longer about rights to protect someone’s ownership of a gun but the lives of those who are innocent and slaughtered.

I said in my blog post from last year when the horrific shooting took place in Las Vegas.

“If ISIS had carried out this attack, USA would have reacted. If North Korea had done the same they would have bombed their country. The utter madness and insanity in this that America cannot and will not police itself. Believing their second amendment right outweighs the rights of those who tragically lost their lives.”

The USA has to realise it has a serious problem. The problem is gun control. This problem isn’t just of mental health, which isn’t unique to America, it is all over the world. It is how we respond to it out children and their children will judge us.