London Terrorist Attack

I watched the events unfold on the television yesterday afternoon and was appalled that people were killed in such a brutal way. Innocent people from all over the world were caught up in this attack. I walked along Westminster Bridge two weeks ago and was amazed at the different nationalities that were stood there taking photos and selfies with the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in the background.

Within minutes of this attack the vile Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) former leader of the EDL was in the middle of London near to the scene ranting about Muslims and how the country was at war. He claimed that ‘we’ had been at war with Islam for 1400 years hinting that since its inception that somehow Islam wasn’t a religion but brandishing an entirely with the mark of terrorism.

Let me tell you Mr FUCKING Robinson or whatever you call yourself that this time last week I was treated in hospital by a Muslim doctor wearing a headscarf. Had it not been for her quick thinking and response to my illness I may not have been here to type these words. She wasn’t thinking about ending life she was there to save it.

I relish the day when I do meet you. When I do get the opportunity to tell you the damage, hatred and poison you rant about is pathetic. You are no better than the terrorists that carry out these vile attacks. If I am a liberal Marxist leftie or whatever the fucking stupid label your organisations brand us with I would rather be that than the hate-filled, bile encrusted fuckwit that you are.


I have been told today that I can go home with more antibiotics and if there are any worsenig symptoms to go back to hospital. But 24 hours before I was a bit of a mess.

I called an ambulance at 6am as couldn’t breathe properly and the infection in my throat meant there was a constant stream of saliva etc. I couldn’t speak and had to type on my phone to tell the paramedics what had happened. The then took me into hospital at Durham and waited to see a doctor. A&E waiting times and situations have been taking a bit of a bashing over the past year with people using it as a quick fix for minor ailments.

I was give something to be sick into by the paramedic as he had tried to give me liquid paracetamol and I couldn’t manage that. I had a fever due to the infection and they wanted to get this down. Unfortunately when (I hope you are not reading this whilst eating) but I coughed too hard and burst part of the abscess in the back of my throat finding it hard to breathe I was taken around to resusitation.

The care I received was second none. They carefully monitored me and said then that they would have to move me down to the ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) Specialist Hospital in Darlington. But then they made the decision to blue light me down to the hospital. Not overly happen as this is when I realised the seriousness of the illness.

When I went into the walk-in centre on Monday they did mention hospital but in my stupidity, stubbornness, mulish,  pertinacious, perverse, pigheaded, rebelliousness and okay you get it … I said no. I take that responsibility.

I got to Darlington Memorial hospital and placed in resus there. My goodness you don’t realised the different types of illnesses that hospitals have to deal with immediately. A lady was brought in with a servere allergic reaction and everything and everyone just seemed to swing into action. The nurses and staff were amazing poor lady was in quite a bit of stress.

I was told that the ENT specialist would come to see me and that I would be transferred up to the ward. They had tried a few times to look right back in the throat but my mouth wasn’t opening enough for them. The nice doctor then told me on the ward that he wanted to reduce the infection by lancing the back and side of my throat and mouth.

You really don’t want to read the next bit if you are eating or a bit squeamish! Doctor said he would spray the back of my throat to numb it a bit and place a syringe to remove the puss. That wasn’t the bad bit. He managed to get some out but told me he would have to give a local anaesthetic and make a slice in the side of my mouth and then open it with another instrument so to ease the swelling.

Back on the ward I was given more intravenous drugs including steroids, painkillers and antibiotics. I managed later on to actually drink something which was the first time in about five days. Then later able to swallow food.

Throughout this time I have had swathes of people from doctors nurses surgeons and others all working efficiently in mine and others care. From appendicitis to retinal detachment doctors and staff have worked marvellously to treat people.

Too much negativity and scorn is placed on the NHS. The staff work hard and should be given a greater amount of respect for the work they do. When I hear or read about the NHS crisis again I will remember the time when they treated me and ever grateful that this care was given to me without a huge bill at the end of it.

Why I don’t agree with Wikileaks

We are living in a post-truth world where it seems that it is hard to find news that is authentic and credible. The internet has played its part in filling the world with claims and counter claims that seem sometimes bizarre and unbelievable.

In its short time the web has also provided people with information that has be leaked from government agencies. This has been channelled through an organisation called Wikileaks. It is said that this organisation has been set up to hold governments to account and that where hypocrisy and corruption is believed to have taken place they will publish whistle-blowers accounts of this.

Isn’t self-regulation or independent bodies enough for governments to be held to account and why would it be acceptable as Wikileaks did to publish accounts of military movements and strategies? How is it then someone who has evaded public scrutiny himself by burrowing his way into an embassy to avoid the inevitable consequence of breaking the laws laid down by governments in the first place allowed to seemingly be above the law?

I do believe governments and organisations should be held to account and they should be as transparent has they possibly can. But to allow us to live in a safer world each day there are decisions that have to be made that are not in the public interest and should remain classified. Its as almost that we have become ‘entitled’ to know everything. Wikileaks has become the 21st century of Robin Hood where the theft is intelligence from those who are there to protect nations and the place it into the hands of the ordinary person.

Sex and relationships 

I can’t believe that some parent / guardians would object to sex / relationships education. Maybe if you are brought up in a strictly orthodox home it could be apartment that parents don’t want their children in certain lessons. There is still a mandate which allows parents to remove their children from sex education if they so desire.

Time and time again we hear horror stories about girls being groomed for sexual acts told that they are loved and showered in presents, alcohol and at worse drugs.

The government also should have acted long ago to explain what healthy and unhealthy relationships are. Not allowing yourself to be controlled in a relationship or think you have to wear certain clothes or make-up “because he likes me that way”.

Look at the recent hightlighting of the problem of catcalling on lone women. They are subjected to mysognistic comments believing they are entitled to under the guise of banter.

Would you want your daughter to have sexual comments about her if she was walking down a street on her own having a group of men leering at her?

The internet is a wonderful place where you talk to and sometimes meet genuinely nice people. But like most things it has it’s darkside where some are intent on getting others under their control and manipulating some for their own perverted gratification.

If I had children they would be educated. They would know they dangers of crossing the road without looking, riding a bike at night with lights and how your personal information is viewed online.

We wouldn’t try to stop schools teaching young people about road safety then why stop them teaching about life’s dangers?

Ricky Dillon

I had to write this post basically because the minute I started to type anything that resembled words on someone elses site I am immediately accused of things I am not.

I make it my policy not to argue with people on the internet as it’s entirely pointless. You’re shouted down before you can type the full stop on the keyboard

Yes the missing . is intential. I have had to explain statements or jokes. You can’t leave a little quip without being questioned or having to explain what something is funny.

I come to my subject of a YouTuber who hasn’t a clue who he wants to be or what he had done or how he actually wants to live his life. This guy isn’t 12 or even 18 he is a man of 24 years which means he’s allowed to shape the political sphere with his vote or mortgage a house and get married. He’s a grown up.

That’s where reality seems to end and fantasy seems to begin. He recently “came out” (good for him!) “as an asexual” (oh okay). Not something that I have had too much experience. So I will dig around a bit and see what comes up.

Asexuality according some definitions seems to be the lack of attraction to either sex. There is neither desire or want of physical need. A person will not seek out intamicy from another person. Nothing wrong with that I thought. There a millions of people around the world who are like this.

Then we come to Ricky Dillon. To me he is anathema. Someone who I think gives a bad name to the LGBT community. What he says in his videos is riddled with contradictions and sometimes outright lies. I find honesty, stability and articulatulation an attractive quality. Ricky doesn’t bring this to the table. His confusing ramblings seem to suggest a man who is unable to determine his life.

Someone’s sexuality is usually determined by the end of their teenage years. I know it can take some time to truly understand your sexual identity and people do have a life long struggle even to come to terms with it. Some don’t even fully accept who they are choosing instead to live a life trying to change who they are.

In my opinion he is confusing not only himself and giving out the wrong message  that gender identity is somehow fluid and come and goes like the tide. It doesn’t. You know if you are a puff or not, if you are then accept it.

Things that I like

When I was growing up I was always derided for listening to the wrong music or wearing the wrong clothes. If it wasn’t from Topman you were the odd one out. Looking like the guys from Miami Vice was essential. I was an oddity. I wore the jumpers that my mother had knitted for me and wore jeans that were purchased at the COOP. I didn’t have any spending power at that time.

I always wanted a real fire in my house and despite some making their views known, I have gone ahead and having it fitted next week. People telling what to do or how I should be living my life.

Being gay has me face up to the fact that other people might not accept the “lifestyle”. My day isn’t exactly filled with sex with multiple partners or hardcore drug abuse. In fact it’s probably dull compared to some heterosexual people.

I have said that if I like a song doesn’t matter who brought it out or who sang it. Just because it might be a little left-field and a bit uncool I really don’t care. Life is too short to be caring about whether the music I listen to finds approval in people.