Oh. I like that word. It describes a lot of people and a lot of situations. We want things now. A generation has grown up that has had access to the internet. No longer do we have to wait a week or two for something to be delivered to our down we can purchase something and have it delivered the next day, the next hour or (depending on our broadband) instantaneously.

I have had a bad cold over the past week and I wish it was gone. I am still mourning for the loss of my mother and I wish that was gone. I am wanting a new job and I wish I started tomorrow. But all of things I have mentioned take time to resolve.

All this combined with super fast communication has left people stressed worried and sometimes mentally ill. It has been reported that girls in Britain are more likely to be worried and stressed more than other similar developed countries.


Can you put down your phone for more than thirty minutes? (apart from when you are sleeping) I know I am addicted to social media. It’s FOMO syndrome. The fear of missing out. I woke this morning worried as my phone was set to silent, thinking that I might have missed an important phone call. I hadn’t.

So I will try to be a little more patience. Stop beating myself up about things I cannot change. And perhaps leave the phone on silent a little more often.

2013 – Where has the year gone?

You were thinking it to. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. I know I say this every year but it’s true. We had a lovely summer didn’t we? Or did we. I cannot remember. That seems a distant memory.

I am thinking about the past twelve months. Have I achieved that which I set out to do? Well if was to keep doing what I was doing the previous twelve months then yes. I don’t make any resolutions. I never do. You set yourself up for a fall and it’s psychologically damaging. Can you truly say that whole-heartedly you have ever kept a resolution for the full twelves months? Happy in the knowledge that you are pleased with the outcome?

I am pleased I managed to get in the garden a bit more. Although you wouldn’t thought so if you looked at it now. It looks like a wasteland. All that’s missing is an old sofa and a broken fridge.

What am I expecting from 2014? Well I could lose weight that’s a certainty. That’s it really. I expect I will keep going and make sure that people around me are okay. This year I have wrestled with the inner demons and I am sure that I will continue that battle.

I hope you (three people) have a good New Year and a Happy 2014!

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