Social media – Amberlynn Reid

Social media is a great place it can lead us to find out about so much. Whether it’s local events happening near or a breaking news item, it has revolutionised the world. But there are the exceptions to this …

This post isn’t to bully or be nasty to a person who is super-morbidly obese. But the Youtuber known as Amberlynn Reid is an American 28-year-old woman who started her channel marketing her “weight loss journey” and invited the whole world along on this adventure.

I have only been following this journey (not subscribed to her channel) for a few months now and she started her venture in 2011 and since then hasn’t lost any weight that she has already gained back. In fact, she has gained a further two hundred pounds so now in fact in near to 600lb although she has continuously denied she had reached it.

What people find toxic about is that she continually lies and manipulates the audience into feeling sorry her. She starts a new programme to try to lose weight and gives up on them after a very short time. People believe that she is only continuing her channel and uploading because of the money she is making. She doesn’t have a job outside youtube and physically not even able to stand for a few minutes which doesn’t allow her to apply for many jobs, not that she is willing or wanting to get into any viable employment.

No sponsors have appeared on her channel as of the date and I really believe none will. Her brand is too toxic for any product or company to be associated with her. Unlike other YouTubers who have courted numerous controversies and continued to grow in revenue and views, Amberlynn continues without any endorsement.

Sadly, I believe, she will go down in notoriety for being the first to live and slowly die on the platform as her size is now dangerously high. Despite numerous people offering to help her from everyday viewers to weightloss channels dedicated to losing weight, she has declined help.

It is only a matter of time before her gluttony finally catches up with her.

Does Chester-le-Street need another bar?

Does Chester-le-Street need another place to drink? I love my hometown and happy and proud to live here but does it really need another bar?

There are already ten drinking establishments within a few hundred yards of the proposed site. They have been there for a number of years and I am not including ‘Working men’s clubs’ within the area of the town in this number. Why is it that the council now seem it fit to give permission for another place to drink?

I had a brief search of the proposals and peoples objections to the demolishing of the current premises to be replaced by a new build. I can understand that a building that was built hundreds of years ago needs a lot of care and maintenance. From the reports that have been published, it looks likely that building work that had been carried out was of a poor standard and therefore contributed to the decline of the building.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 18.12.19

Anti-social behaviour, noise, litter and other concerns that have been reported over the years to official associations such as the Police and the council with residents complaining that on occasions the disruption to their lives is unbearable.

I was amazed but not surprised that despite these objections the council has given permission for the site to be flatted and the bar to be built.

There are a number of premises (like other towns) that are empty and have been for some time. What I think is that the council’s motivation for approving this bar is 100% money. There is no nostalgic, sentimental  or even aesthetic part of their plan. They will make the decision on the basis that will this business make money, not for the residents or the people that will work in this establishment but the taxes and rent that the council will receive in funds.  The fact that this will cause problems for the police in anti-social behavious and it’s dealing with is inconsequential to the council.

Sad to say goodbye to another part of Chester-le-Street.

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