Never ‘got’ Amy Winehouse until her second album. Never really did with Adele until she released her last album 25 as well. Watching the film made about Amy Winehouse simply titled ‘Amy’ reveals a complex personality. Someone who had immense talent but just couldn’t handle the fame.

The film mentions that there is no text book or manual that prepares you for fame. But there are thousands of people out there who have gone through the mill of press intrusion and having their lives scrutinised and placed under microscope of rolling 24 hours news and social media where one word taken out of context can travel the globe within seconds.

I always look at the management and advisors that are around the people who are in the magazines and TV etc. Too many ‘yes men’ and not enough of those who are there to protect the artist from the people who can either choose to make or break them.

Making major decisions in life I have always asked a friends opinion. You run it by them to get their ideas. Keep you on the right track. The sad story of Whitney Houston’s demise along with Michael Jackson and other similar stars that died too young reminds us that these people are human but leave in an unreal world. Distorting that unreal world with mind changing substances that numb the person pain makes things much worse.

There are those who have become famous and remained relatively unscathed by their lives in the spotlight. They might have had a moment of indiscretion but they have come out the other side seemly a better person.

Find the right balance of people who will keep you grounded and safe. Whether you are famous or not we all need some sort of stability in life. Not deciding to do what we choose without thinking first of the consequences of the process. I think it’s important that we surround ourselves with people who are good for us. Those who mean a lot to us. Not those who would demean and belittle us. It all sounds easy in words but actions are different.

Adele – 25

There was a time when I didn’t get Adele at all. People were constantly talking about her, buying her albums and I just didn’t see it. I used to see her album sitting at the top ten for months on end and it never really bothered me.

It was only until one song I heard “Someone like you” I thought okay this lady can sing. The voice was nothing like I had heard in a long time. There’s a lot of singers out there that have had vocal training to the point that it really spoils the originality in their voice.

If you listen to someone that starts out on the x-factor example and somehow they are getting better each week it’s because they use top vocal coaches for people and stretch their voice to perform in their words better.

Then the natural talent seems to be lost and they are singing the way they think others would want to hear them, or how Mr Cowell wants them.

Adele 25 is an album I have listened to a couple of times. I have always said that if I don’t really like anything in the music in the beginning it means after a while I am going to love it. This is going to be one of those albums. It’s good to get an album that you really like. It’s a rarity for me at the moment. To have the Bieber album as well as this one in the past week or so has been wonderful.

I won’t ever by the new 1D albums as each album has been awful. Their mediocre sounds and only half decent singles may have sold a lot to teenage girls but that’s their only market that and a few disillusioned queeny gay lads.

Poor quality of writing and a rushed production is a mark of a band that will have burnt themselves out. And from their recent announcement their time is at an end.

Thank goodness we have quality artists like Adele who not only can sing but can write good quality music.