Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is very good looking. That’s it.

I watched the Netflix series ‘Chasing Cameron’. Oh, my goodness. It’s a car crash of a programme.

Let me explain. Cameron is a ‘Social media influencer’. What the hell is that? That’s what I asked when I saw it. Basically, someone who has a lot of followers and gets attention from most of the teenage girls. The title of the programme explains neatly what the programme is about. It is people chasing someone who is good looking. That’s it, nothing else of real importance happens.

What I found bizarre about the programme is that Cameron and his cronies call themselves ‘The talent’ without having any visible worthwhile gifts or qualities that contribute to society. Jumping up and down on a stage and throwing bottled water at someone isn’t talent, a monkey could do that and probably be more entertaining.

‘Touch every single girl lives in a way that they have never been touched before‘ is the horrific opening ‘prayer’ to one of their shows. The fact that a request of the almighty that each of ‘the talent’ has the energy for the show is ludicrous and should be mocked for what it is. A higher being is sitting mulling the world’s problems and he makes an exception and blesses a bunch of hormonal teenage girls in a room watching guys make complete fools of themselves while being charged hundreds of dollars for the pleasure. At least when we screamed at the Beatles they were performing something worthwhile. This isn’t.

We witness throughout the episodes the breakdowns, tantrums and a guy suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration treated with prayer. We also witness Dallas himself being berated for sneaking a girl on to the tour bus. This is alongside other teenage boys, who are living in the same area. His lack of awareness and blatant inappropriate behaviour is beyond astounding.

Why Cameron Dallas should be my husband.

I love beauty. I see it men, women, and flowers. I don’t want to marry a woman or share vows with a marigold, but I would like to marry a man, preferably Cameron Dallas. You’re asking who is Mr. Dallas? With a name like that he sounds like a porn star. He isn’t. Shame.

Born / San Bernardino, California

Age / 22

Height / 5′ 9″

Shoe size / 10 11(us)

Job / internet ‘personality’

He was/is part of a group of boys/men who were famous for being pretty and on the internet. That’s it. No Ivor Novello awards or distinctions in science. He is known for being pretty.

The genetics that makes us people are programmed to be attractive and attracted to other human beings. It’s within our very DNA to find other people beautiful. I find him super attractive. He is young, successful in his own ‘field’. According to the internet and contrary to this photo, he isn’t a shirt lifter.

The powerful attraction allows us to escape. To think of another world where you are transported. It helps you momentarily to forget the life you have whether it be good or bad.

I blogged about Shawn Mendes just before he was catapulted into stardom and the charts. He allowed (mainly) the girls to forget who they are and immerse themselves in his music and his attractive qualities. They both are the teen idols of their time.

Their looks will fade with time and the new generation will find someone else. Others will take their place.

But just for one moment can you say I do?