Bucket List 2 (Update)

I checked my Amazon orders, as I thought my wonderful litter icker would be here today, turns out it hasn’t even been dispatched and will be here next Wednesday (31st). Not great when it was a prime order and should have been here next day. So I have put that bucket list item on hold for the moment.

I am sitting here waiting for the forecast thunder/rain we have been forecast. Apart from a small rumble, which could have been my stomach complaining, we haven’t experienced the aforementioned Armageddon. Then I thought to myself I know what I have always wanted to do and that’s storm chasing.


Doing a little research on it though, it’s incredibly expensive – particularly if you have to fly to different countries to see where tornadoes and mega-storms occur. It is supposed to be a lot time waiting around and you’re not guaranteed to see anything. So it’s a pipe dream really.


Over the past few months I have bought a few albums and I have mentioned to you the ones that have bought. Others I haven’t so I am going to list them in the last six months hopefully in chronological order.

  • Shawn Mendes – Handwritten
  • Anne Boleyn’s Songbook
  • Justin Bieber – Purpose
  • Adele – 25
  • Troye Sivan – Blue Neighbourhood
  • Chris Brown – Royalty

These are the release dates and not necessarily when I bought them. Some were just bought with Christmas money. Converted into iTunes vouchers. Others I still buy the physical CD. There is still something about getting the physical CD that I just really enjoy. The smell of the paper that it’s printed on and being able read the lyrics if some of the artists have bothered to print them and the thanks they have given to the people who have helped them make the album

I think resurgence in the popularity of the vinyl in 2015 goes to prove that people like to have something to hold in their hand. It’s seems all very clinical and uninspiring to download an album. I have yet to read at of the digital booklets that comes with them and iTunes isn’t the best platform for incorporating this. Plus there is a warmth you get when listening to vinyl that you don’t when you listen to even the best MP3/AAC file.

The most recent of the albums to be realised is Chris Brown’s ‘Royalty’ didn’t even know he was releasing an album until I spotted it on iTunes and checked it was a rehash or one of those dreadful collaboration mix tapes.

The album itself bombed in the UK entering the first week at *23 and fairing better in the USA as they seem to a be a little more forgiving in his misdemeanours. The album itself has rather dubious and x-rated lyrics. I will discover the rest of the album over the next few days.

The shock discovery this year for me has to be the Bieber album. I had heard a couple of songs before buying the album and was pleased with what he had released. I had spoken about the album before and was happy to give it as decent review.

Music over the past few months has given me stability in times when there has been none. Comfort when I have needed it. I am just hoping that 2016 will be decent album year.




Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Pink Wednesday and Green Sunday. What is going on in the world? Companies desperate to get us to part with our money or credit even in the run up to the biggest shopping time of the year Christmas.

My good friend Gregory and I only ever once stood in a queue in the cold to buy the new iPhone 4s. Now things have changed you can have then delivered to the comfort of your own home and not have to wait in long cold queues.

I sat at 11pm last night and did some Christmas shopping in the comfort of my living room. But has the time for going out to the shops in decline? I would always thought as much when online shopping really kicked off. I thought there would be less people on the streets things would be lovely quiet but how wrong I was on Saturday afternoon at a local out of town retail park. I even waited until 4pm thinking it would be really quiet. Not at all. Still obnoxious people and screaming children.

We are encouraged each year to spend and people do go out just for the sake of saying that they did buy something. Regardless if they actually really wanted a certain item in the first place.

Some people need to take a serious look at their lives. Finding the the difference between our wants and needs has been blurred for decades.

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