Christmas 2022

It’s another year and like I have said for the last thirty years christmas seems to come round quicker each year.

It’s been one of those years where you think you have seen everything but something unexpectedly slaps you in the face and you wonder where it came from.

Tired of the same hatred in the world. Intolerant people who demand we stop migrants, we close borders and kick up a fuss if someone else tries to take what we perceive we own.

Christmas is a time to remember those who are less fortunate. To give back to those who are struggling and unable to pay bills and provide for their families.

Even more so in 2022 we are all acutely aware of struggles with the cost of living. With prices of most goods increasing where wages have remained stagnant. People need compassion and to turn a blind eye isn’t the answer.

I know I have had some crap times over the last few years but I know I am in a situation more fortunate than a lot of people. I think of those who have dependants and know they are responsible for them.

Whatever you have done this Christmas I hope it was a good one.


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