Perfect body

Who thinks they have the perfect body? Have you ever met anyone who claims to have one?

I was walking through Chester-le-Street today and I saw a guy and thought “that guy has the perfect body why can’t mine be like that?”

Then I was thinking most people have one or lots of things they don’t like about themselves. Their nose, hair, eyes, lips, mouth and teeth. I could go on.

Then I thought to myself actually I would never ever date someone, who in my opinion, had the “perfect body” as quite frankly there is no such thing.

Perfection in our eyes is never achieved and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Then I thought again. People like all shapes sizes colours length size and height differences.

What actually makes a perfect body for a man? To me it’s broad shoulders and a decent ass. Others want perfect “Turkey teeth”. Some want great abs on a guy (I have abs it’s just unfortunate they are covered in fat) Abs are gross” recently a friend said to me.

Some men like women with huge knockers. I know a friend who prefers women with smaller boobs. There is the Kardashian line of women who who have teeny weeny waists and huge giant asses. For some god forsaken reason only known in the universal heterosexual world of madness.

I remember walking down the street with a friend once in London. I saw everyone staring as they walked past then I realised they weren’t looking at me but staring at him. He was the sort of guy who had stunningly good looks, dark complexion and about six foot one. The heads were turned when people saw him. Stomachs turned when they looked at me.

So I am trying to be more body positive. Not try to compare myself to the instagram models and those posts I envy.

It’s been difficult I can’t deny I spend a lot of time on Instagram and follow accounts of hot guys. I will try and be a bit more positive about myself and stop comparing. But it’s difficult isn’t it?

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