Why aren’t music videos being remastered?

I have often seen films that have been reworked and remastered. Films like Casablanca and Brief Encounter. When you watch films like that it takes you back to the time when you first saw them in the cinema. Why not music videos?

Music videos are a recent phenomena that only really took off a few decades ago yet the youtube generation seem to lap up these short films with such speed I always wondered why artists didn’t go back to the original material and put out better quality versions of their songs.


I have many times bought albums that have been remastered for the sounds that were once deemed to complicated and you were only going to get the true quality and realism of a song if you were sitting in the studio listening to it there. We have the capability of reworking songs and albums and it proves such a lucrative market for fans eager to experiencing the true sounds.

So why not the videos? I read that a lot of the videos from the 80s and 90s where shot on video tape rather than films and difficult to remaster to HD level unlike film which can be seen in a higher resolution up to 12k.

I know that some bands have remastered some of their videos. I hope that in the next few years we will see a resurgence of music videos fit to be played on HD and Ultra HD televisions.

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