Single life

Loads of places cater for families some draw in people from all walks of life and provide facilities for those who have different needs. But what about if you are a solo traveller? Should companies also include those you are on their own?

I have spent most of my adult life without a significant other. I have never really thought it necessary or a desperate want to partner up. The ones who have been in my life where I have tried to form relationships have not gone to plan. They have ended up breaking quickly when we realise we are not compatible.

Visiting the cinema on your own or to a restaurant is a little odd when I first did go out on my own it seemed very strange there was no one to converse and talk about how good or bad the film had been. I have been out numerous times to eat in restaurants and cafes and I have happily sat on my own watching the world go by.

Disabled access. Family friendly dining. Kids get a colouring pack. OAP specials. 2-4-1 discounts. High chairs. Baby changing. Student discounts.

Making people who are on their own feel welcome should be on someones mind. Getting up to get another drink from the bar I always have the fear of someone seeing a free table and jumping on it. Not a great feeling when return and a family have plonked themselves where you were sitting.

So spare a thought to the old lady who is sitting on her own. She might be lonely. She might have lost her husband and may need a little smile to brighten her day. I always go back to the places where I known I have felt welcomed as a single person.

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