Enoch was wrong

Enoch Powell was correct in that mass immigration would take place in Britain. The negatives consequences of this is where he was wrong. 

Some say that ‘history will teach us nothing’ that’s bollocks. You drop a brick on your foot you know it hurts. The books and material from that we learn and gain knowledge are due to testing that which is true and that which turns out to be a fallacy.

Some argue that they predict a bleak picture for the future. Powell envisioned that in less than a generation ‘the black man’ would ‘rule the country’. Race riots would facilitate a new generation where the white working man would no longer feel he is My dominant.


My question would first ask why he thought ‘the black man’ would want or need to procure ‘the whip hand’. Such a cultural shift in racial demography is not only extreme he argues that the people coming into and staying will continue but the behaviour of those who have entered the country is to have such a profound effect on society that the power of those who call themselves British to be rescinded to migrants.

Those people will not only want to come into Britain to live and work but consume and dominate those who are native to the country. A sanctioned invasion. He goes on to argue that if those in power continue to allow mass immigration those people regardless of their origin will want to control not only fellow immigrants but an entire population.


I was the only white man in my class of eight in a West Indian run college. I spent three years living and learning in a culture utterly alien to my own. It not only made me examine my own cultural practices and beliefs but gave me an enormous appreciation of the history of the people who were invited here to work after the second world war. They didn’t come over here to ‘take over’ or ‘denominate’ they knew who they were in society and how they contributed.

In the late 1980s, I remember Enoch Powell as being a controversial figure – his predictions of race wars and rivers of blood were inaccurate and false. The only people who want these wars to occur are the racists themselves. Then their misguided beliefs in their own minds can be justified. It is those who have a warped way of thinking about a society who look for a way to vindicate their hateful rhetoric.


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