Catholic views – Alfie Evans

What can be agreed on is this case is that sad not only for the family but the life of a little child who will never experience life as a normal adult. 

I have been astounded by the amount of coverage that case of Alfie Evans has been given not only in mainstream news items but in constant appearance in social media. It has echoes of the case of Charlie Gard who last year lost his life after parents battled with the courts and against medical advice hoping that they would be able to take their child to another country for treatment.

In similar scenes, we have seen people make violent threats against medical staff because they are unhappy with the decision made regarding the care of a child some who have probably never met.

Social media, emotions and some religious groups are to blame for the rise of these incidents.


During reading articles appearing alongside ‘Alfie’s Army’ which was trending Twitter was this site that argues that the people of Britain have been influenced by the ‘Marxist Socialist belief’ that people are the ‘property of the state.’ They say the reason why Alfie’s parents aren’t able to do what they like with their son in terms of his treatment is that in Britain we no longer follow Judeo-Christian teachings.

It is no surprise that these articles are written by pro-life Catholic groups who are desperate in their attempt to cling to their own beliefs and justify their actions in supporting Alfie’s family not only in a medical setting but financial backing in the courts.

‘National moral fiber, along with the religious basis upon which the United States and European nations developed, is being replaced by a misguided faith in man and his institutions.’

They are claiming that the European nations are unable to tackle ethical and moral issues without the belief in god. They know that their place in dominating the world with their moral teachings and beliefs is rightly being brought into question. It was in 2009 that Stephen Fry and the late Christopher Hitchins argued that the Catholic Church was NOT a force for good in the world. I whole-heartedly agree with them.


The Catholic Church has been the puppet master behind Alfie Evans’ family. They have used the case to further their own agenda. They have time and time again gone against medical opinion to extend the ‘right to life’.

In my opinion it is the Church that is moral corrupt and should be exposed in its dealings with this family. I am sure that again we see people again basing their moral decision on feelings rather than the facts. Just because huge sections of a society does not suscribe to higher power does not make it unable to make sound moral decisions.

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