Joan Hickson

Growing up not having the internet or even the possibility of buying loads of DVDs I asked my mother what could I watch that was good.

One of those Saturdays as a bored teenager in the 1980s I would have asked my mother for a solution to it. What should I do? ‘How about watching this programme?’ She suggested.

Mother was fond of crime mystery dramas. Whodunnits. Nothing too gory or sacrificial, but a mysterious death, that turned out to be an unsuspected lynching. She liked those sort of things and so I resided myself to watching “Murder at the Vicarage” that was first transmitted in 1989. I was only a teenager and wasn’t too fond watching dull dramas with old ladies and other dull things.

How wrong I was at the time to dismiss such a thing. Joan Hickson had me hooked from the moment I saw her playing the elderly sleuth Miss Marple a marvellous creation of the writer Agatha Christie.


Even in her 80s, Joan Hickson brought a brilliant calm and shrewd approach to the role of Miss Marple. She seemed to take to the role effortlessly. There was a steely connection to the character yet a soothing reassurance that truth and justice where ever she may go will eventually prevail.

I would have loved to have met her I am sure that she could have told a tale or two about the goings-on in the show business world. Meeting all those interesting and eccentric people.



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