top ten albums

Top ten albums on facebook. No reason sharing just doing it for fun.

1. Very – Pet Shop Boys

My gorgeous friend Jeremy has asked me to post 10 favourite albums in 10 days. My first album is very poignant as I took it to a Christmas party in Oxford at one our lecturers houses and Jeremy was there in ‘94. So every time I hear about the album and songs I remember the Christmas party.


2. Stronger – Cliff Richard

I have a history of not caring what people think about my music collection. From Bros to Kids from Fame Madama Butterly to Choral Evensong. Cliff has been a big part of my music. I got this album on vinyl in ‘89. A prolific turning point in my life. This is a time when Stock Aiken and Waterman were riding high in the charts with Kylie and various other artists. Cliff want some of that sound and here in this album. Features one of my ALL time favourite songs “Lean on you”.


3. Nothing like the Sun – Sting

I got this album when it was released in 1987. I can’t remember why I bought it as it was my first album by Sting. Wasn’t that much a fan of the Police and previous albums. But this album is amazing. It was nothing like I heard before. Sister Moon a great song.


4. Communion – Years and Years

To a more recent album and I became a fan of this group by watching a documentary about homophobia present by the singer. It’s electro pop and I love it. Camp and fun.


5. An Aching and a Longing – Martyn Joseph

This album rounded off a wonderful year 1989. It was a live album but very unique in that it captured the essence of a live performance.


6. Go West Young Man – Michael W. Smith

I played and played this album in 1990. It’s unique as it comes from a Christian Rock genre which is generally hated in the UK. I loved it as it was a crossover album into mainstream. Contains one of my top 10 songs – Place in this World.


7. Press to Play – Paul McCartney

I was desperately in love with someone who would never love me back. I played and played this album. It was the music that provided a soundtrack for a lovesick teenager.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 17.38.47.png

8. Purpose – Justin Bieber – making the transition from annoying bratty kid singer to adult star isn’t easy. It’s having everyone watching you grow up and seeing every mistake you do. This album is great. Its growing up but being decent pop.


9. Dangerous – Michael Jackson

You can tell he spent a lot of money in the production of this album. I remember when Black or White was released and it had its showing on Top of the Pops. He couldn’t better this album.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 17.43.29.png

10. Older – George Michael

This album got me through a tough time in the years following its release. Only after a new of years did you realise that George was in mourning for a loved one. The song track Jesus to Child in 2018 still helps me through powerful emotions realising you can love and with in the blink of an eye that which you though would be with your forever has gone.



honourable mentions

I predict 1990 – Steve Taylor

Got the Christian communities knickers in a twist with this album from 1987. Theological College didn’t like me playing it. Tough. Look into it’s theme and subjects.

Steve Taylor – I Predict 1990

Madonna – Confessions on a dance floor

Fantastic pop album from the queen of pop.



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