My experiences in teaching – 1

Never really talked about my time in teaching at great length. The experiences were partly good others you wouldn’t actually believe. 

The first week was one of the most remarkable in my life. I was fresh out of university and ready to take on the world. Although the world wasn’t quite what I was prepared. I wasn’t given any training for what I was about to face.

Setting up the lesson and getting all the resources in place. Ready to accept the year 11s (the oldest pupils in the school – 15-16-year-olds) I had some good lessons with some other pupils in the school although this was going to be like any other.

It was like a whirlwind. Two people fighting each other, screaming obscenities, before I could even open my mouth one violently pushed another through a glass door. The screaming continued and I sent for other members of staff to calm the situation. It was at least on a par with bedlam.

These pupils had never met me before. Never set foot in my classroom. It was my first introduction. They soon calmed down once the room had been flooded with staff and both of the pupils taken away.

How do you plan for something like that? How do you anticipate that there is going to be trouble? The technique of discerning and defusing I had to learn pretty sharpish in this school. Not something I had ever trained or professionally prepared.

I could continue. Out of the ten years in education, this would not be the most ridiculous life-threatening situation to experience.



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