So I didn’t get the job I wanted. So what now? What do I do?

I am only ever angry at one person and that’s myself. If something is wrong I will try and put it right. I think that’s a good way of working and trying to see what could be setbacks as learning curves/processes and all that speak.

So after the last interview, I took on board to do more research about the company I was potentially going to employed. I took on board their feedback. Turns out the feedback that I had put in place was utterly useless and futile – a waste of time and not needed. So what do I do next? Take on board that I get from THIS interview and then fail again?

One piece feedback I did receive was: “Why not try read blogs or start one of your own” It made me a laugh a lot. How about teaching your mother’s mother to suck on an egg?


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