Holy week – Palm Sunday

A week before Easter commemorates the time Jesus entered into Jerusalem to take part in the Passover festival – but there was a different plan to take place. 

Today is the beginning of Holy Week a time when Christians will remember the week before Jesus would be put to death and rise again on Easter Sunday. It’s hard to imagine what anyone would feel like to be facing such a fate and know that it would be Jesus’ faith in his father’s plan that things should be done for the whole of humanity.


Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey despite the crowds shouting accolades shows his humility as a human being. They were cheering him as he enters the city with applause and shouts of  ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord‘ (Mark 11:9).

The people truly believe that he was a messiah someone who would come to liberate the people from their slavery and the rule of the Romans. They welcomed him with open arms and laid their coats in front of Jesus. This is was a sign of pure devotion and obedience. Jesus predicted that he would be put to death. There was a lot more to come and the people would turn against him.


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