Social media detox

Over the last week I have been trawling facebook and reading various posts from organisations and groups I would never normally following or subscribe. It made me hate social media and humans even more. 

As I said in a recent post, I am really having a problem with humans and how they interact with each other. How they talk in the street is somehow more censored, less brash and in a lot of cases not has highly offensive. The posts I have seen over the last week have been horrendous.


There have been people who have made repugnant remarks and people are allowed to say what they like to a certain extent. The case of Cambridge Analytica is certainly not lost on my quest for a calmer and more harmonious mind. Facebook on the whole for me is a great experience keeping up with friends and family all over the whole is amazing. But some don’t see it in such a peaceful way.

I have been searching for a solution. I don’t want to delete my facebook profile. But I have made changes to how I see things and those people and organisations I spoke of have been blocked. This is the same as those people who randomly share information and news that cannot be verified or looks like it is fake. I am not talking about those people who share baby photos or endless photos dumped from the 200 they took on Sunday at some kids christening. Filter the crap ones out!

So I will try not to let social media get me down. Detox anyone?


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