There are 7.5 billion people in the world. What an amazing fact.


I can go to a bookshop and peruse the fiction and non-fiction parts of the shop. Fact or fiction. Stuff that isn’t true and stuff that is made up. A story.

Out of the 7.5 billion people the planet you can be put to death in some countries if you say you don’t believe in god.

In other countries, people will be listening to your conversations at work, in the street, on the internet and letters you write other people. If you are caught out criticising the government you could be arrested sent to jail or worse.

In the UK, we have an open and tolerant society. Majority of the people want it to stay that way and that’s the basis of a democracy. Your politics can be left or right leaning. You can dislike a certain part of society and disagree with how others live their life.

I am not so keen on people who insist on taking your plates away the microsecond you have finished eating and IMMEDIATELY start washing up. I have to live with that struggle. I am having counselling and a rack of medication has helped.

Bleating constantly that your free speech has been compromised because you 1/ scream through peoples letter boxes shouting abuse 2/ turn up to peoples homes who are completely innocent shouting all sorts of claims. This is when your freedom of speech ends. That’s it. No in-betweens or claims of government intervention. Grow up. Start respecting people.


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