It seems incredible that in a country that has advanced warnings and so much technology that people lose their lives in extreme weather. 

When you are younger you feel invincible. The whole world is in front of you and you aren’t quite aware yet of what dangers do lie ahead. We were as kids told not to talk to strangers or made sure that you used the green cross code when were attempting to cross a busy road.

I cannot tell you how many times my mother ask me where my jumper was and why wasn’t I wearing my coat. Even into my thirties she still nagged. But that’s what separates children from adults as the adults are fully aware of the dangers that lurk. Or you would have thought.

The first red weather warning was given to residents in Scotland. This weather warning means ‘damage, widespread disruption and/or danger to life.’ This isn’t a nasty thunderstorm or a wind may blow over your wheelie-bin. This a serious warning.

If someone said to you ‘You know if you go into this area there is a serious danger to your life’. You wouldn’t say to yourself ‘I will take the chance … I’ll be okay’.

When did we lose the ability to chose rationally in these situations?

I run a local facebook site about general events in my town. This week because of the extreme weather I had a look at the roads and conditions near to my house. Most of the roads in and out of the town at peak times of 5pm would have been very busy and I guess there was about 10% of the normal traffic on the roads. People had listened to the warnings and made journeys that were only absolutely necessary.


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