Call me by your name – film review

Intelligent, witty, charming and beautiful. Enough about me.

There are lots of adjectives I could use to describe this film and I am not sure I am going to be able to put them in the right order or get an accurate description. My lack of writing ability has been called into question many times and I certainly cannot explain how much adore this film.

Set in the summer if 1983 in northern Italy. We are reminded of what summers were like a time of relaxing and finding yourself. I remember that summer too and was in love. Unlike the protagonist, in the film, I was a few years younger than 17 but certainly was experiencing the flushes of a first love.


I adore it because of how Elio’s parents leave him to be who he is. Free to listen and play his music and enjoy the summer without rules and restrictions. Although he claims that his mother worries too much. Their love of life shines through and it is certainly needed when I face the cold winds of snow and arctic blasts soon to behest the northeast of England.

See the film. Weep laugh and cry. It’s how I spent most of my summers.


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