Don’t argue over the internet

I have fallen into the trap. It was my fault for getting into it in the first place. 

I made the horrific mistake of communicating something over the internet hoping it would be taken in the spirit in which it was intended. To demystify some untruths and highlight some inaccuracies. My goodness I got it wrong.

I was hoping that by speaking up for the town I live in that maybe it might help others to realise what we have where I live. Nope that was seen as being wrong. I couldn’t have my opinion and I couldn’t express something positive. If I gone on a racist rant or vilified a whole religious community then some would have thought that was a better thing to do.

I have time and time again said to myself not to argue over the internet it is futile. Whether this be on twitter, facebook or any other social media sites. No one is happy. Even if you say something good and positive about life. Nope some has to chip in to knock you down.

Tomorrow is another day.


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