Forward to the past

Despite being stored in a shed for fifteen years they are in surprisingly good condition.

I thought it was right time (along with the other 200 million people) to bring my vinyl collection back to life. At the moment I am listening to a vinyl LP from 1982. I am lucky enough to be old enough to say I lived through the eighties and enjoyed every moment of it. I have loved music ever since I can remember and vinyl was the way.


During my PGCE year, I met and ridiculed a lovely friend, Jeremy; berating him for having only vinyl in his collection. I was a CD/Cassette man. Technology = good – old vinyl shit = bad. I apologized to him recently and I publicly apologize to him now. I couldn’t be more wrong about something.

I did spend a large amount in the 90s driving long distances. I had to drive all the way from Oxford if I wanted to visit home. According to google maps (I cannot leave other technology behind), it should take me five hours to drive there. In the 90s it used to take around about six. Music was via cassettes as having a turntable in the car would be a little silly.


So now I am listening to those vinyls from the 80s. I got a Cliff Richard vinyl for my 19th birthday. Hey, you can take the piss but I have always been alt-trendy. Goodness knows what my parents must have thought of me. Oooo, don’t go there. That’s A WHOLE other story.


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