Bucket list day 2

It’s raining. Raining. There’s more rain and more rain.

In between the moments of quiet, there are few flashes of lightning as I wait and count the seconds to know how far the storm is from Prague. I am guessing about 10 miles. I am not too sure that it is as there is some lightning a lot closer and scarier.

It’s like those horror films where the thunderstorm has no end. Prague has spectacular thunder and lightning. In the UK they might last for a moment, ten or fifteen minutes. This storm was lasting over two hours and it wasn’t letting up.


I make my way to the place where we have been told that we can meet the adult entertainers. Sounds very formal but I really don’t know how to describe them. A gaggle of porn stars? A whoop? Who knows.

It’s still raining and I am beginning to get soaked. I really don’t mine it’s warm and I am happy as I have spotted a place to buy beer. If you have alcohol, you know it’s going to be a more pleasurable experience. Try it some time.

A few people have gathered in what seems an empty park. There’s a couple of gazebos with someone trying to flog something. The rain is still relentless on my walk from the tram I managed to buy an umbrella for ten billion Czech koruna which is about 3 pounds British money. This gathering has been organized by Prague Pride. A celebration of LGBT life in the Czech Republic.


I down some more beer. Some unassuming guys arrive with hoods up and look a bit shy and reticent. I have no idea if they are in adult entertainment or not. They have their clothes on what do you expect?


A lesbian couple approaches me and ask what’s going on and did I know about anything that’s happening. I explained that I was a bit mystified by the whole experience. The Pride website wasn’t too user-friendly and the pride app itself was shit. They both laughed and agreed. We talked about how Prague was supposed to be the “gay capital of Europe” but it was just something or nothing. As I said before everything seemed better if you were experiencing it under a haze of booze. I think I made two new friends. I quite like lesbians.

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