They say that you are what you eat. I certainly think that this is applicable to what we consume in the media, whether watching certain programmes on television or reading what news corporations print on their front page.


If you are constantly drip-fed information that is anti-immigrant you are going to start to believe what they say is true. There is a huge amount of fake news that is around and it’s only when we test what the newspapers say do we get a true picture of what has taken place. If I see something particular online that someone has claimed and I know it doesn’t sound right I will look and research. I want my news to be facts not made up bile.


A clear example of this was just last night as a statement had to be put out by Northumbria Police regarding a flag that had been displayed from a house in the Newcastle area. People don’t think, don’t know or have no understanding of the Muslim religion and jump to conclusions. This is so dangerous.

Just a few clicks away I was invited to see what Katie Price had ordered for her dinner.


This is in the evening when a concert took place honouring those people who had lost their lives in the terrorist attack. Who actually gives a fuck what she does, and what she has to eat, ever? I can’t imagine anyone last night thinking ‘You know I wonder what Katie Price is eating tonight?’. It’s not even bad journalism, it’s not journalism, it’s garbage.

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