Witches and Spiders

When I about eleven I used to look under the bed and under the covers each night to see that my bed did not contain any spiders. I would have hated to have placed my foot on one while getting ready to go to sleep. I’d also look in cupboards just to make sure there wasn’t a witches hiding there.

The Wicked Witch

What sounds ludicrous now, was the fact that these perceived things were real and they could frighten me, as I know now these things were not a threat. A child like view of the world we often grow up to fear something, to an adult mind, that which seems irrational. What often is frightening to children are of fiction and imagination. The fantasies of made up monsters aren’t real. The real monsters are human.

Monday night was just like any other day I was started to get ready to call it day when I looked at twitter and noticed that some people had mentioned a loud bang near Manchester and wondered what it might be. I continued to monitor and watch and some were saying that it had been a balloon or a speaker that had exploded. The next morning I woke to the worst news possible.

I tried to keep away from social media and other sites preferring to listen to a news channel but couldn’t help be struck by the tone of some peoples thoughts about the terrorist attack. People were ridiculing the response to how others take in such awful news. Making fun at others who light candles or say prayers in such time.

The lack of empathy I saw in some was astounding. That bloody awful from The Apprentice was mentioned as was the criminal fraudster of the EDL. I don’t want to mention their names as this gives them recognition and validation. I don’t want to think about them, as it takes from remembering those innocent people who have died. Those people who have first hand experience of terror.

Just for once think about them. Not the solutions or hate that comes from such people that chose to try and divide a nation and communities that live and work in peace with each other. I don’t chose hate. I chose love. I chose to applaud those who opened their homes to the people who suffered on Monday night. I chose to thank Chris Parker, the homeless man, who comforted a woman as she laid dying in his arms.

Take the piss out of me. Ridicule my response to this incident all you like I don’t mind. But don’t ever forget that it could easily have been your son, daughter, sister or brother. Maybe then just then you might find out who the real monsters are.

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