Social care


You can tell we are in the middle of a general election campaign when party’s release their manifestos to somewhat controversy. It seems that the current government want people to pay for their care if they need extra help when it comes to illnesses that appear in later life.

We don’t like paying for things. I can understand this completely. When the coalition of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats appeared in 2010 there were many changes to the social care budget. No longer was mum entitled to free day care, too many assets was their excuse.

The amount of money that we had to contribute quadrupled in about four years. If I hadn’t stopped work and looked after her full time I would have been left pennies after her death. Mum was adamant that she didn’t want to give any money, that she had worked hard for, for her care and in the early days had refused to go into a care home.

I knew then as I do now that it was the right thing to do. I wanted to look after her and other people commented that most families aren’t willing or able to look after an ailing relative in such a way. I don’t have a family myself and morally it was right for me to step in and fill that gap.

So to the conservatives idea that we have to pay for social care, this will mean you have to pay if you have assets and that money (or house) will be used to pay for this care. You will stop paying once it gets to £100k. At the moment the government can take it and leave you with £23k. Mr Cameron wanted it set at £72k. So what’s the problem?

Someone who has worked all their life and can just afford to pay the mortgage each month has to pay the same as someone who is a millionaire. We will take everything and leave you with the same amount regardless. But the point is that it could take up to 100k to look after you in old age some say even 150k. It certainly was a lot of money in mums case despite my stepping in.

But as I said we don’t like paying for things what ever happens and who ever wins in the general election the problem of who is going to pay for social care remains. We are getting old and living longer, with that comes illnesses and a dignified country looks after their elderly.

Personally, more fairer taxation is needed. Those who can afford increases should pay. Those who caused the financial problems of the past should be held to account and made to face problems they caused. A fairer society where everyone is looked after regardless of wealth and background.


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