vote vote vote

I know I might go on about it but people need to get out and vote. What did you do last year with the Brexit vote? I was so upset last year and I knew that I had to make my voice heard this time. I voted to remain but I want to place my vote where I know it will make a difference. It might not change the person who is elected for MP as in the general election but local elections tomorrow are to me still very important.

I would like I have said before, ever tell anyone who to vote for but I will say go out there and make your voice heard. That voice might be with other voices and they combined to make a difference. Not once in 29 years of being able to vote have I ever thought – ‘Erghh, I can’t be bothered’ … or  ‘All the politicians are the same’. Well, that’s bollocks. Get off your fat ass, turn off Jeremy Kyle or whatever the crap you watch and go out. The one thing that infuriates me in this country is reading that the turn out is low etc.


Look at the past year. even if you think Trump is a dick or Theresa May is a horse in high heels get out there and vote!


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