Bucket List 1 – Day 2

I am in Prague and things are changing ..

Day 2 – I’m nervous. Very nervous. I get the metro to somewhere. Not knowing any of the Czech language so reading the names it doesn’t come easy so I make the words into rude words in English. It helps me to remember where I am going. I wanted to visit the Old Jewish Cemetery, but stupid me forgets that it’s the Sabbath, and the synagogue that’s next to it is closed. Maybe tomorrow. I will see.


I walk more and see a lovely handbag in a Gucci shop. I am not allowed in as the security man says the shop is full. I didn’t want to buy the handbag, just wanted to know how much it was. Two Asian women and two others people obviously fill an entire shop. There is an exclusivity to the place. Despite the apparent lack of wealth in the city. It wasn’t pleasant witnessing someone rummage through a bin to find food. Those who have and have not been distinctly polarised in Prague.


So I walk more and head for a cafe as it’s started to rain. They allow me in as I was in the same place yesterday. Others aren’t and turned away in the downpour citing “that it’s just for meals”. Keep the clientele nice. Or just they want to make money selling meals. The place is nice and I can watch people over the old town square.


I start to head back to the hotel. I am tired and a little hungry. The day has been long and taking everything is it a great experience.


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