Dear Mum

Hello Mum,

I bumped into a neighbour of ours today, you know the one that used to live in the big house on the corner. She asked how I was and I said that last year wasn’t the best, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I told her I missed you; badly. I couldn’t think of much else to say, apart from how you appreciated the help the neighbour gave you. The times when she would drop off a pie or something that she had made just so you didn’t have to after you had left work.

I told her about how the Christmas’ haven’t been too good. It was the times which you enjoyed the most as I cooked and you ate. Falling asleep after the Queen’s speech was a given.

She thought you were a lovely lady, not a bad bone in your body she said. Sometimes I think I didn’t appreciate truly what I had. Sometimes I wish I could speak to you just for that one time again. Tell you that I always loved you no matter how we argued or disagreed.

I better go. I know how much you disapprove of how untidy my house is or what I have been eating.

love you



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