Bucket list

I am not dying. Not that I know of but someone suggested to me the other day about writing a bucket list. I have never thought about doing one and thought it was a great idea. Why not when I have the opportunity to do so?

I have always wanted to go to America maybe New York. I want to see the sights and craziness of Las Vegas, although I am not a gambler, and wouldn’t have a clue about placing bets. Just to see some of these renowned tourist spots.


I have another on my list and that will be revealed later. But I cannot get past two. I am trying to think of others. I don’t like heights so I am not going to be bungee jumping. I am not too happy about going up in a helicopter. I have no ambition to swim with whales, dolphins or other marine life. Dancing with a squid or something.

So what the options? I did what every paranoid person does and turn to Google. One was to go “Fat biking” whatever that is. I am fat and I could ride a bike. Lots of jumping off cliffs and waterfalls or skiing down a mountain like an idiot. Walk on coals? Oh come on you are taking the piss.

The best one I found was ‘light a fire without matches’ that’s easy I will use a lighter.

So suggestions … keep them clean.

One Reply to “Bucket list”

  1. I really like the bike idea. You could give yourself a challenge to cycle a certain distance somewhere exotic for a few days or weeks. Would help you get fit, see some of the world at a very sedate, human level, meet people, have some thinking time, get some sunshine and fresh air! I’m sure it would be tough at first but you’d be amazed how quickly it would get easier.

    Have you seen the movie Wild with Reece Witherspoon? Ok so that’s hiking, and maybe not something as hardcore or gruelling as that of course, but it’s inspirational!

    You could go on a tour: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Travel-g293915-c200979/Thailand:Cycle.Touring.In.Thailand.html

    PS there are various apps you could use that would enable you to make friends (or more) on the way….

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