ERGHHHHH. So it’s happening tomorrow. Some letter is going to be sent to someone else and that starts something else which means eventually we as a nation will leave the European Union. The majority of the people in this country voted for it so like a decent democratic society we accept that decision. People were given the information about the vote there is no denying it. People had the responsibility to know what they were voting for.

I think given the past events now is the time to be more together as a nation. Ignoring the revolting voices that often get reported in the media like Hopkins. She is there for one person only and that’s herself.

The younger generation will have to deal with this. The majority of those who voted to remain were in their twenties. Those who wanted a drastic change in immigration will be disappointed. There will be still free movement of those in the EU and there will be some reduction maybe in 5-10 years but certainly not in the next two.


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