Why I don’t agree with Wikileaks

We are living in a post-truth world where it seems that it is hard to find news that is authentic and credible. The internet has played its part in filling the world with claims and counterclaims that seem sometimes bizarre and unbelievable.

In its short time, the web has also provided people with information that has been leaked from government agencies. This has been channelled through an organisation called Wikileaks. It is said that this organisation has been set up to hold governments to account and that where hypocrisy and corruption are believed to have taken place they will publish whistle-blowers accounts of this.

Isn’t self-regulation or independent bodies enough for governments to be held to account and why would it be acceptable as Wikileaks did to publish accounts of military movements and strategies? How is it then someone who has evaded public scrutiny himself by burrowing his way into an embassy to avoid the inevitable consequence of breaking the laws laid down by governments in the first place allowed to seemingly be above the law?

I do believe governments and organisations should be held to account and they should be as transparent as they possibly can. But to allow us to live in a safer world each day there are decisions that have to be made that are not in the public interest and should remain classified. It’s as almost that we have become ‘entitled’ to know everything. Wikileaks has become the 21st century Robin Hood where the theft is intelligence from those who are there to protect nations and the place it in the hands of the ordinary person.


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