Sex and relationships 

I can’t believe that some parent / guardians would object to sex / relationships education. Maybe if you are brought up in a strictly orthodox home it could be apartment that parents don’t want their children in certain lessons. There is still a mandate which allows parents to remove their children from sex education if they so desire.

Time and time again we hear horror stories about girls being groomed for sexual acts told that they are loved and showered in presents, alcohol and at worse drugs.

The government also should have acted long ago to explain what healthy and unhealthy relationships are. Not allowing yourself to be controlled in a relationship or think you have to wear certain clothes or make-up “because he likes me that way”.

Look at the recent hightlighting of the problem of catcalling on lone women. They are subjected to mysognistic comments believing they are entitled to under the guise of banter.

Would you want your daughter to have sexual comments about her if she was walking down a street on her own having a group of men leering at her?

The internet is a wonderful place where you talk to and sometimes meet genuinely nice people. But like most things it has it’s darkside where some are intent on getting others under their control and manipulating some for their own perverted gratification.

If I had children they would be educated. They would know they dangers of crossing the road without looking, riding a bike at night with lights and how your personal information is viewed online.

We wouldn’t try to stop schools teaching young people about road safety then why stop them teaching about life’s dangers?

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