Muslim ban

There were warning signs months ago of Trump’s intentions but most people thought he was all hot air and no substance. Time has proven differently and he has put into action the ban he said he was going to do.

As I was writing this post it was announced that Sir Mo Farah who lives in America firmly condemns in no certain terms the ban that Trump has put on Muslims travelling from certain countries. Just a shame that politicians aren’t as afraid to condemn the ban.

All the statistics and actual facts state that the threat to USA doesn’t come from those countries. Of those¬†fatalities that have occurred nearly twelve thousand a year on average American’s were killed by their own citizens.

We can continue point to the evidence but this won’t appease Mr Trump. He is pandering to the republican vote and those who aren’t welcoming to others who are in need. It always surprise me that the people who are from the Bible Belt in America don’t condemn those who are selfish and ignorant. They are in the business of selling religion of prosperity and take from the poorest of people.

I have heard certain commentators says that protests against Trump’s policies won’t make a difference; I beg to differ. It’s protests like this that do change things. I have a democratic right to protest. I will always defend the weak and vulnerable. Stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.


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