C of E and LGBT

Reading the House of Bishop’s report on “Marriage and Same-Sex Relationships”. I am saddened but not surprised in the slightest that the Church of England is not prepared to move its opinion of marriage equality and that marriage should only be between one man and one woman.

The documentary long-windedly talks about the process of prayer and the act of listening. Two actions that are both passive in their nature. The conclusions that the House of Bishops has given is that there is to be no change. Moral judgments about marriage and life.

The Church of England is in a metaphorical intensive care and the heartbeat monitor clearly warns that the rhythm and strength are slowing and soon there will be a deafening flat line. There will be no one left to kick start its life and the church will be consigned to history.

The phrase that the report continually uses is that those who “experience same-sex attraction” in a dismissive way that almost equates it with smelling a new fragrance or visiting a foreign country. LGBT community has ‘experienced’ great intolerance and hurt from centuries of abuse from preachers who have belittled and shamed those who know that they have grown up to be different. Struggling with their identity and sexuality. It’s bad enough to be confronted daily with homophobic language in the playground, it’s unacceptable that this is translated into Theological rhetoric in the pulpit.

I am glad I left the Church of England when I did. It restored my own identity and self-esteem knowing that I was accepted for who I was and whom I was attracted to. I never felt loved or anyone tried to ask how I had been treated at that time. I find it shameful that the church as a whole cannot move on.



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