2017 already 

It’s been a crazy year already and we’re not even at the end of January. We have seen marches across the globe as a counter-protest again the misogynistic attitudes that have been expressed by one world leader.

The fact that his teflon approach to so-called scandals doesn’t seem to bother him he brushes them off and dismisses their significance.

Then to move on to an attack on the press is simply unwise. The press and media hold a very powerful position and no person whatever their standing is immune to their scrutiny. It has been said even before he took the Oval Office that it would be better that he had the press on his side.

What can we do? Well I think the movement at the moment is for equality and human rights. There has been a swing to the alt-right a shifting of the sands towards the capitalist self-centred agenda. It’s the privilege of the white heterosexual male that has dominated for centuries and they have been making their voice known.

We have to make sure that we are speaking up for the disabled, the immigrant and those who have been marginalised in society for far too long.

If each person did one kind act each day we could make a difference. Something that might not be tangibly and explicitly seen but speaking out against those who which to divide society.

As a gay man I find it intolerable when I seen nations and countries reverse their equality laws trying to shove LGBT rights back into the closet. I, for one, I am not going back in there. It’s a lonely frightening place where your inner fears eat away at you and you become scared to be who you truly are as a human being. Love is love and despite the days being dark love will win.

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