2016 – Review

2016 for some will be a good year to others it will be one that should be forgotten. I am thinking the latter I know that I will be glad to see the back of it. I had a look back at my posts from this year and getting halfway through I know I stopped blogging for the very reason that I just didn’t feel like I had anything to say.

I think about my own health and how I have survived. I think that is the keyword. I have lived through 2016 and I have survived others have not been so fortunate and the list seemed to have been growing longer and longer each moment of every day.

The family house is now sold and no longer can I pop in and pick up the memories where I left off. It was mixed emotion to say goodbye to the house I had known for forty years. There was some good times there but on the whole it wasn’t a happy place. Mostly familiar fighting and bickering. The noise of the bully and the shrill hollow tones of feigned compassion echo throughout those walls.

I have to start looking after myself. Thinking about I can become healthier and more to the point find a new career. Something I’m not entirely looking forward to but I know it has to happen in the coming months.

I despair at the world and more so in 2016 where there seems to be more division and hatred and less tolerance and compassion. The need for understanding seems to be more prevalent than ever. People who harbour hatred and seek to divide countries have been able to make their voice heard. Even seems acceptable to mock widowers who mourn their loss and accuse them of politicising their grief.

Music has again helped me through months of depression and anxiety. Again I have been grateful to those who have been patient with my own misery. There is only one way that you can go when you have been low and down and that is up. I do look forward to 2017 and hope it is a good year for you and me.


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