George Michael RIP

When I used to go to a church youth group one of the things we were asked to do was bring a song that had some meaning to your life and explain why. Readers of this blog will know that I love music as it has to go me through some tough times. I explained to the youth group that the majority of the music has some sort of meaning and it relates to a part of my life or a memory.

Thirty years ago I was in love with a guy who wasn’t in love with me and I used to play A Different Corner by George Michael over and over again. Even after all those years, I can still remember where I was when I first started to play this song. It was full of angst and pain which I felt at the time.


I am in utter shock at the death of George Michael. There are other songs and other memories which are personal to me. He always seemed to be able to convey what I was feeling in my own life. Maybe because he was a gay man struggling with the inner demons and scared to publicly out himself. I was 36 before I eventually told my mother I was gay it was something I wrestled with for decades.


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