Music again

When I was 12 I got my first album for Christmas. I was so happy with it. I am sure at the time I would have got a pair of slippers and ‘Broons/Our Willie’ annual. This is all I used to get from my family when I was young. It was like the days now where children receive a vulgar amount of presents which they get and don’t play with. Some people I know have given their children around 50-60 gifts. Absolutely awful.

This album was released in 1982. I played it thousands of times. I know as the tape started to become warn and stretched over the years.

Kids from fame Tv Series, 1982

It was a beginning of a lifelong love of music. Now I am interested in some of the artists are around now. Not that many. I am finding as I get older the music I like less of the stuff that is in the charts. It is made for a certain market rather that bands and musicians that make it through hard work and integrity.

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