I was sitting in a waiting room at the doctors for a blood test. Checking to see if my testosterone levels are good when a lady brought in a young lad who looked like he had been in the wars. She said he had seen the doctor yesterday for the bruising to his eye and someone at school had pushed him into the door and hit the same side of his head. The lad looked terrified and it was obvious that his injuries weren’t by a simple accident.

Got me thinking about bullying and the scars that it leaves. Physical wounds do heal with time and sometimes the scars are to remind us that once the body suffered trauma but now they are healed. The emotional scars sometimes never heal. We are left tending wounds for decades or even for the rest of our lives. How we deal with them is important.

I heard someone say the other day the way I deal with my problems is sharing them with others. Bottling things up doesn’t help at all. I have kept a diary each day for five years now and something I will write here on my site. Others have remained part of me but shared with the diary who has acted like a second person in the house.

At school as a kid, I got called names few times and I retaliated when they continued to press the buttons. As an adult, I won’t allow people to speak to me like dirt. I never allowed pupils at school or in my work to speak to me in a derogatory or abusive way. It’s simple. You treat each other with respect.

I see it each day the way others dismiss their fellow beings and trample them to get to the top of the pile. You throw away the person once you have used and exploited them you have rung out every bit of them for your own gain.

Let’s hope the lad in the future tells someone about the hurt and abuse and can allow the scars to heal.

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